The Repopulation

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
DEVELOPER: Iron Will Games


The Repopulation is a free to play MMO RPG set in the distant world of Rhyldan, failed colonisation attempts where the human populous now fights for survival against the wilderness and each other as those that settled this planet have broken up into several warring factions. This sandbox based game gives players the freedom to go where they want and do as they please with the choice of both combat and non-combat roles that can benefit everyone.


- Three Way faction PVP with the ability to create self-governed independent Rogue Nations
- level free skill-based system with 75+ unique skills available and 14 tears her skill line
- Player cities that can be built on the ground up
- Complete cities owned by Nations that can exchange hands through warfare
- Mayoral roles that focus on pleasing the populous and overseeing city strategy
- Military promotions including unique abilities, items and titles
- Set your own reaction level against other nations
- Up to 99 ranks available for your own player created nation
- Advanced multi-stage mission generator tailored to your character’s abilities
- Dynamic npc’s speak about their own experiences in game including interactions with other players
- Random one time missions spawn in the wilderness to encourage player exploration
- Crafting, diplomacy and other non-combat focused missions are available
- Discover pets from tamed beasts to genetically engineered creatures and even ai robots


It has been over two centuries since Earth realised its destruction was imminent and soul gathering together of the DNA of the brightest minds every colonisation effort was made sending out automated colony ships with these DNA samples in the hope that they would find planets support the repopulation of mankind. Many were lost on the journey, though those that survived are unknown as communication between the ships broke down as they drifted further apart in search of inhabitable planets. Rhyldan was one such planet.

Life has defied expectations and flourished on this wild planet, humans thrived and prospered creating their own civilisation. Life is hard on Rhyldan, untamed jungles constantly a threat and the laws and rules set up by the leaders soon created contention between those that had different ideas on how the repopulation effort should be governed. Decades have past, new nations have arisen from the original settlers and these differences in opinion, culture, philosophy and ultimate goals have brought the nations to war.


With over 75 skills to choose from players can spend their “DNA” pick up new skills, many of which will themselves contain numerous abilities that open up as you advance more in that particular skill. There are no skill caps in the game and the player can advance a particular skill as far as they like, similarly they can potentially grandmaster every skill in the game, but doing so would take an extremely long time as the higher the skill of the harder it is to increase further. Skills fall into six classifications: Armour, Beneficial, Combat, Defensive, General and Trade. Each skill has its own rank starting out as on skilled they can be increased through 14 different tiers from Poor, Average, Experts and Even up to Grand Master.


Combat skills typically increase through using a particular weapon type in battle, breaking down these combat skills into weapon types such as Aerosol Weapons, Automatic Rifles, Martial attacks and more. Players can master as many combat lines as they wish but are penalised for switching between weapons in combat so as to focus players on a particular role instead of switching between them constantly.

Players can switch between RPG Mode, the classic MMO RPG system where you will select a target and use different hotkeys to perform actions on the from your action bar, or Action Mode which switches to a style more akin to a first person shooter.

One of the defining factors of The Repopulation in comparison to other modern MMORPGs is how it handles health. Typically in MMO’s as you increase in level you gain more health creating a huge gap between new players and high-level experience players that is impossible to fill. In The Repopulation players will typically always revolve around having same amount hit points regardless of their level, the gear they can equip, skills they have available and damage output determine who is more superior in battle.

There are numerous PVP options in the game including Contested Regions that will switch hands between the two main factions, including goal orientated events capture outposts and resources within those areas. City sieging is an in-depth system broken down into different phases during the day so that players can gather their defences, prepare attacks and not be concerned about losing a taken city in the early hours in most of the server is asleep.

For the more hard-core player there is even a hard-core server that offers full PVP and looting with extra penalties for dying. There are no safety areas other than protection from faction guards and other players.


Players are able to earn pets in the game that come in three classifications: Robotics, Tamed and Genetically Engineered. Robotic pets further widest variety of options and functionality and can be used to be medical robots, assistants and are programmed with AI functions so that they never turn on their owners creating good general use pets. Genetically Engineered pets that created in a lab using DNA sequences and created through the crafting process, even spicing up gene sequences and creating unique hybrid pets where players can pick and choose different powers and abilities. Tamed pets can only be claimed when the pet is young and must then be trained up, though initially not particularly powerful they can be some of the most deadly and dangerous pets available when they have reached full maturity.




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