Remnant Knights


Genre: Free to play Action MMORPG
Platforms: Windows
Developed By: Game Samba


Step into a fantastic world in this anime themed MMO RPG and adventure through a storyline written by award winning DC Comics graphic novelist Jim Krueger with dialogue from Chris and Allen Miller, creators of the Hunter Brown series of books.

One of the biggest key features of the game is the customisable player housing, which can be completely decorated from top to bottom and used as your online hangout with friends. Travel from place to place on a variety of amazing from jet scooters to hoverboards as well as a number of different mounts. As well as these key ingredients Remnant Knights offers all the staple key mechanics of a must have MMO RPG: crafting, PVP, enchanting and much more.

Key Features

-          Face off against unique mobs and boss enemies to recover rare items and make your name as a proven Knight in the dangerous dungeons

-          Join a club and take over different areas

-          Trade items on the in game auction house

-          Adopt and train your own pet and teach them new skills

-          Travel in style from region to region on your own speedy mount

-          Take part in the bonding system where high-level players can help out new low-level players

-          Integrated with social network systems where players have access to Twitter and Facebook without even leaving the game

-          By time-saving and utility items as well as cosmetics in the premium shop


Exploring the world of Kasmari players will uncover that they are one of the only remaining lines of defence versus ancient and dangerous threat that has once more returned to the land. Training up in one of three essential areas: Fight Circle, Magic Circle or Gun Circle, each player hone their own abilities at either the Dragon or Owl school. Further specialisation is available when players reach level 10 where they have options to pick up such classes as Heavy Launcher and Dual Gunner.

Playable Classes

Once players have chosen their area of study from one of the three circles they are able to further specialise at level 10 to one of the following classes:

Heavy Launchers: made for pure destruction they have a huge arsenal and long ranged attacks that can deal devastating heavy damage at a distance.

Dual Gunner: equipped with more lightweight armaments to make short work of opponents, their increased attack speed combined with their higher critical chance makes this class someone that demands respect.

Strikers: specialising in the rapid attacks and high crits they have much lower defences than their Crasher counterparts, but sometimes a strong offence can be the best defence.

Crashers: acting as the main tank in battle they are able to wreak havoc with an above average attack power combined with extremely high defences and total hit points, they are definitely class born to survive.

Elementalists: capable in a group fighting solo the elemental list makes up for the low defensive power with their exceedingly effective crowd control abilities and buffing.

Priests: primary healer class in the game they are able to support their companions by healing them and reviving any that fall during battle. They have a much higher health pool than their magic Elementalist counterpart, however in turn have a lower magic pool to cast their spells from.

Recommended System Requirement

Operating System: Win XP, Vista or Higher
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo
Graphics Card: Radeon X800, GeForce 7600 or Intel GMA X300
Hard Drive Space: 2GB
DirectX Version: 9.0c



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