Red Stone

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
DEVELOPER: Logic Korea


Redstone is a fantasy MMO RPG set in a 2-D fantasy world with a unique and immersive storyline where players get to take on the role as would-be adventurers as they make their way across a dangerous land discovering deadly dungeons and fighting against powerful creatures. With eight available classes, each of which can transform into an alternate class with different abilities and skills it is a compelling fantasy adventure of epic proportions.


-          Epic fantasy adventure
-          Eight diverse classes that can switch into an alternate role


It was over 500 years ago that brought on The Day of the Red Sky where the heavens began to fall and the world itself burned. Some say that it was not the falling of the sky but a huge red stone that descended from above and shattered upon the ground into countless fragments. This theory is hard to prove as all the shards of the Red Stone have mysteriously disappeared, though that does not stop people from speaking of them to this day. Some say the Red Stone exists and offers eternal youth and unimaginable wealth to its keepers, but others say that the Redstone brings only danger and death to those who dare seek it.


There are 80 unique character classes that players can control within the game and each class can transform into a different form, which acts as its own independent class. The different classes have different statistics depending on their chosen form, making switching between them a tactical decision and situational. The eight classes and their alternates are:

Squire/Warrior – be it those who prefer the larger two-handed swords of those that wish to focus on one handed sword and shield combinations, the nights and Squires of Brunenstig are capable combatants. The best Warriors are those able to master both styles and switch independently between them, depending on what the situation requires.

Archer/Lancer - the formidable female fighters from Prandel’s matriarchs will tribes are Masters of the bow and arrow in deadly at long range. Their Lancer anilities are no less skilled and make them fearsome opponents to face on the battlefield with their long deadly spears.

Priest/Fallen Angel - the fallen angels were banished from their celestial world and the divine beings to take on the role of priests, joining churches all across the world. With their wings broken they still retain their celestial powers and spiritual strength.

Tamer/Summoner - across the wilds of Prandel many powerful creatures roam the land including the divine creatures whose spirits and body the four elements, which Summoner’s are able to use to their own ends. Alternatively tamers can focus on more natural creatures and learn to communicate and soothe even the most ferocious beasts.

Thief/Monk - but frowned upon by many these serve an important role as spies, treasure hunters and track finders and are specialists within any party. Deft and nimble with their hands those who train as a monk are adept at striking pressure points upon their opponents to inflict damage.

Princess/Little Witch - the appearance of all these princesses is often traced back to the woman eyes Tatcrapt Kizer Straus, making him a common father, they are able to use powerful charms and confusion abilities upon their foes. Alternatively they are able to transform into a Little Up and enhance them magical abilities.

Necromancer/Demon - able to raise and control the dead and hinder their enemies with powerful curses many Necromancers are Demons of the underworld in disguise. Many hide their true identity, some even losing their daemonic powers altogether.

Magician/Werewolf - the magicians of the town of Smug are powerful sorcerers able to wield the arcane arts, a common enough ability that it is taught in the academies there. What separates them from many others is their ability to transform into werewolves!


There are three types of quests available in the game: Main Quests, Title Quests and General Quests.

Main Quest - the main storyline that will take you across the continent on an epic adventure in search of the Red Stone

Title Quests - these teach your character particularly useful skills and abilities, completing them will help you in later adventures

General Quests - standard quests that can be found all over the world that will give you extra benefits such as treasure, items and XP


Operating System: Windows 2000 or higher
CPU: P3 1GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Graphics: GeForce Ti4200 or higher
Sound: Sound Blaster compatible
DirectX Version: 9.0c




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