Genre: Free to play MMORPG
Platform: Windows
Developer: Nflavor

in this free to play fantasy game, three races dominate the land: the Asura, those of the darkness, the Deva who act as representatives of the light, and those humans blessed with an affinity for nature, the Gaia.

The most ancient of races, the Gaia, were blessed by the creators and given the races of both the Asura and the Deva, representatives of the dark and the light, to aid them taking care of the world.

Whilst the generations of peace prospered in this world in time one rose from the ranks of the Gaia, known as “The Witch”, who grew in both power and reckless ambition, rallying the rest of her people to rebel and take arms against the peaceful world.

This call was not answered by everyone but it was enough to descend the world into chaos and only with the efforts of these three races was “The Witch” finally brought to justice in a fiery death, an act that would unify three races and return peace once more.

Now that peace is jeopardise once again with rumours of the Witch’s second coming and her mighty armies with her.

The mystical energy is obtained when defeating monsters is known as “lak”, which can be gathered when wearing and magical necklace. When a player dies during their adventures this lack can be used up to prevent them from losing experience points, as well as being traded to a lack trade for chips or rupees, the main in game currency.

Playable Races

- The Deva: generally having lower offence than other races, the diva is catered more towards support or tanking
- The Asura: though their defences are lower than make up for this with a higher evasion as well as more focus on offensive abilities
- The Gaia: the human Gaia have the most balanced abilities, finding the middle ground between both defence and offence

Players can discover and collect a number of different pets and have them journey alongside them as companions, aiding in battle as well as fulfilling a number of different roles. Pets gain levels with their owners and learn new abilities and skills along the way as well is making full use of various items of gear.

System Requirements
Operating System: Windows XP
Processor: Intel Single Core/AMD 2.0GHz
Graphics: 128 MB 3D with DirectX 9.0c compatibility
Memory: 512 MB
Hard Drive Space: 3.0 GB


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