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A free to play Pirate themed MMO, Pirate 101 is extremely child friendly and encourages players to band together and form new friendships, with no necessary subscription plays can design their own pirate and jump into the game and start playing straight away.

With constant updates and patches bringing new content players who love the pirate theme will find near endless hours of gameplay to work through, taking them through the beautiful game world of tropical islands, wild deserts and glorious fields.


it is an age of adventuring and exploration, a time where huge ships fly above the clouds and journey through the skies to follow in the footsteps of great explorers such as the likes of Marco Pollo, the pioneer who discovered and documented the connections between the realms of the spiral. Empires soon learned that only three huge fleets that they both take control and protect what was theirs with a handful emerging as the key powers and settling new colonies and trade routes; Valencia, Monquista, Polaris and Marleybone being the wealthiest of them all.


  • Design your own Pirate and custom ship as you embark on an exciting journey

  • Discover new companions and recruit them into your crew

  • Seek out new treasures as you venture across the spiral completing quests

  • Form your own crew of friends or join a pre-established one


Family and Fun

From the mini games to fighting tough bosses to earn rare items such as pirate outfits and epic swords, fight enemies on your own customised ship either with cannon or by boarding their ship, at every step Pirate 101 ensure that the safe environment and fun experience for children.

Dozens of Mini Games

There are a number of available mini games to play when you’re taking a break from questing, with prizes and rewards to be won for your ship or your pirate, the mini games are a fun experience that add something a little different to the game. Located by the Carnival on the Skull Island Fort as well as on many other worlds, players can play games such as Pirates Pub, Powder Keg, Rogue’s Range, Windjammer, Coin Drop and Rat Attack.


OS: Windows XP
CPU: 1GHz Intel
RAM: 512MB
VIDEO: Geforce 2 Equivalent (or better)
DISK: 5 GB Free
NET: Internet Connection Required
Administrator/Power User rights required to install and patch the game.


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