Pathfinder Online

PLATFORM: Windows / Mac
DEVELOPER: Goblinworks


Pathfinder Online is a next-generation MMORPG that is currently being worked on in partnership with Paizo Publishing, the company responsible for publishing the original Pathfinder tabletop RPG campaign. This MMO RPG will be a mix of theme park and sandbox elements where players can explore, adventure and settle the wild frontier in the magical Pathfinder realm.


- Online recreation of the Pathfinder RPG
- Classless system
- Skills will train up automatically over time
- A huge sprawling world to explore and uncover
- Meaningful PVP with objective-based combat and purpose
- Player crafting to create items, buildings and even cities


The Pathfinder realm is a blend of many modern and classic fantasy elements and will span an entire range of different environments from misty marshes, crumbling ruins, vast deserts and huge metropolis made up of fantastic creatures. This is a land of sword and sorcery, wild and untamed it is up to every adventurer to carve out their own life and find their own path, more so the actions of players will actually directly impacts the world itself and change it.



In the game players will not be bound by a specific class, instead they are able to train up individual skills, which will in turn determine the level of their Role, Roles have a more abstract meaning then your typical class and defines more on what the character does as their job/profession as opposed to what their abilities are. Some of the rules that players can take on are a Fighter, Spy, Diplomat, Robber and even a Crafter.


 Those players that wish to do so can be full-time crafters responsible for populating the world with legendary items and buildings huge structures including player homes, taverns, farms and even sprawling cities. These buildings can be established and given a purpose where players can customise them to be a more personal homestead, a place of business or a community hub.

Players are charged with the task of transporting their goods and wears to their needed and, with a strong player run economy most shops are built and worked by the players themselves. As many resources are exclusive to some regions and difficult to attain some craft focused players will rely on more capable adventurers to recover those items for them. For those players who love to be involved in the trade game they will even be all to take on Roles as Merchants, Traders and Auctioneers.


Whether a crafter having to create hundreds of the same item or a fighter grinding mobs, the game has done away with the traditional MMO levelling and instead players will select which skill they wish to try and simply allowing the required time to pass. Time this takes is not sped up by farming mobs of grinding crafting, instead players can spend their time exploring, adventuring, role-playing or simply being off-line as the game continues to level you. Players must complete quests and attain specific achievements to complete skill which will then open up extra paths of training.


Pathfinder Online has systems in place to discourage and actively oppose mindless and meaningless PVP. With a functional alignment system that gives benefits to good and lawful aligned organisations, as well as an involved player bounty feature gives a specific purpose to player combat.

Unlike other MMO’s regardless of the players level they will still be able to contribute in combat, and new character won’t be so imbalanced with low health against a veteran and will actually be able to land blows upon them in combat, albeit they will still be weaker if you put enough of them together they should be able to take down even the strongest players!


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  1. steven schleigh April 26, 2014 at 5:24 AM -

    looks like a fun game

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