One Piece Online 2

One Piece Online 2

GENRE: Free to play Tower-defense ARPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


OnPiece Online - A fast and fun pirate themed, RPG OnePiece Online revolves around the world created in the popular One Piece Japanese manga, where players will take on the world as their own Pirate captain, recruiting Partners to help them in their adventures and fighting against the enemies of the New World. Players are able to play the game in their preferred web browser for free with the option of VIP paid options for those players that wish for a little extra.


- Three classes to choose from
- Dozens of popular characters to recruit to your crew
- Strategic formation and hero based combat
- A story driven experience true to the original anime
- Browser-based gameplay
- Completely free to play


The core of the game revolves around players building up their own primary character as they explore the game unlocking content and features as they gain experience through completing a variety of quests as well as taking on combat based Challenges. Players will have to learn how to build a tactical team based on various unlockable formations that are used for positioning a vast number of Partners, NPC companions that will join your group. At the end game players will concentrate mostly on competing against each other in PVP.


There are three unique classes to choose from in the game that will determine which types of Partner a player should focus on collecting as each class has different strengths and weaknesses:

The Sniper - a formidable long ranged combatant using guns as their primary weapon of choice, they are skilled in taking down enemies from a distance, have domination over the Devil Fruit User class, but are weaker against the Swordsman

The Devil Fruit User - a ranged magic user this cute girl uses a powerful Devil Fruit as well as pets to make her attacks, she is able to dominate the Swordsman but is vulnerable against the Sniper

The Swordsman – one of the deadliest martial combatants around this sword wielding femme fatale is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, able to restrain the Sniper class she is however vulnerable to the Devil Fruit User


In the game there is a wide selection of Partners that players can recruit into their crew, criminals that are known Pirates made up from various familiar faces from the anime show. Each Partner has a rarity/value associated to them so players know how strong they are, from weakest to strongest: Blue Partner, Purple Partner, Red Partner and Gold Partner.

Purple, Red and Gold - these Partners are formidable in their own right and come with their own special attacks and abilities, making them suitable for most groups and formations

Blue - on there own the Blue Partner seems quite weak as they have no abilities of their own, however when they are combined with another specific NPC Partner or item then they gain extremely powerful Fate abilities

Partners are recruited through the Bounty system in the Tavern, where players can spend in game currency or earned Vivre Cards to gain access to them. A found Partner will stay in the Tavern for 72 hours before the player needs to decide whether or not to recruit them.


There are a variety of Formations that players can choose, which will arrange their Partners in different positions and are unlocked as players level up or complete specific quests. These Formations become considerably more important in the Arena PVP.


Throughout the game players will continue to progress the ongoing story as they meet new NPC’s, pick up new quests and are continuously sent on missions to fight various enemies that stand in your way. Each combat encounter is a Challenge where players must defend their pirate flag from being attacked by the enemy, if successful the player will earn great rewards including XP and items. Players are able to fight with all NPC Partners in their current formation and can move around the combat area freely or they can allow the game to take over and conduct fully automated combat as your character moves and attacks without your input.


Web Browser


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