One Piece Online 2: Pirate King

One Piece Online 2: Pirate King

GENRE: Free to play Online RPG


One Piece Online 2: Pirate King is the sequel to the popular RPG One Piece Online, inspired by the Japanese anime One Piece, players will embark on a thrilling story-driven adventure as their own aspiring pirate and working alongside some of the popular characters in the series and facing off against some of the most notorious bad guys. The game doesn’t require a client download and can be accessed through your preferred web browser and is completely free to play.


  • Story driven quest RPG

  • Based on the popular One Piece series

  • Four different classes

  • Build your own Crew who you can train, equip and fight alongside

  • Explore a vast world filled with adventure

  • PVE and PVP content

  • Free to play

  • Browser based


At its core One Piece Online 2 is an RPG with players taking on a key role as the leader of a new Crew of pirates seeking to battle the Marines faction and other pirates in daring adventures. Each new character met is typically a character from the series, with their own stats, class and abilities players must make a Crew composition of characters to take into battle. Characters can be individually levelled up, including both they themselves to give access to more powerful skills, but also their equipped gear that can be enhanced to make it stronger or augmented to allow extra bonuses to it. Similarly every Crew needs a Ship and players are able to customize and upgrade their own pirate ship with various components to improve their overall Battle Power rating. The game has a variety of PVE and PVP functions to challenge players and create competitive gameplay with players trying to reach the top of specific leaderboards to gain prizes.


There are 4 character classes available in the game, gender locked characters that have their own unique class abilities:

  • The Sailor – a talented swordsman this frontline melee combatant can make attacks to multiple foes at once and cover himself with a shield, as well he is able to defend any companions behind him

  • The Dark Mage – a practitioner of the elemental magics, this cute female conjurer has the ability to hypnotize enemies and use her wisdom to find out their weaknesses

  • The Sniper – a keen eyed backline fighter, what he lacks in defensive capabilities he more than makes up for with his critical ranged attacks and high amounts of damage

  • The Doctor – this capable young woman has the ability to keep her companions tended to and their wounds healed, alternatively she can use her knowledge to inflict poisons on opponents


When assembling a crew players can add more members as they level up their main character, allowing them to place recruited characters into different positions in a formation, typically defender characters at the front and squishy DPS characters on the back. Players can move these characters around to complement each other or simply making the most of what they have available.


When combat is initiated, either PVE or PVP, the players characters appear on one side of screen with the enemy opponents on the other, combat is turn based and each character will automatically deal their auto basic attacks. Players can decide which target their characters should focus on and by earning Fury through basic attacks players can spend this resource to fuel their more powerful abilities, with each available ability being defined by the members in your crew. These abilities are recharged after a certain number of rounds, with many of them supporting each other, so players need to time their attacks right to get the most out of them. Players earn stars for being successful in battles, as well as EXP, items and currency, but as more Stars are acquired players unlock extra rewards.


There are plenty of features in the game, mostly revolving around combat where players can go up against powerful world bosses to achieve rewards, or competing against other players in solo or Team based battles. There are a variety of Bounty Tasks, mini achievements, that players can perform and unlock for extra EXP and Beli currency to spend on upgrading their Crew.


Web Browser


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    can you add new characters like devil fruit users add items in the shop like devil fruits to get your ability

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