Nova Genesis

Nova Genesis

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser
DEVELOPER: Feiyin Games


Nova Genesis is a free to play fantasy MMORPG where players must progress through the game, completing the various quest-based content as they unlock the larger story and lore of the world whilst going up against various challenges and levelling up their character, party and gear to become an even stronger force and face more powerful enemies. The game can be accessed directly through your Internet browser after registering on the official website.


- Three unique characters to choose from
- Powerful Nova weapons to discover
- Customise your character with skill-based talent trees
- Quest-based story content
- Exciting characters and companions to recruit
- Browser-based gameplay
- Free to play


The planet of Cerulea was the home world of the Ancients, carving out their own peaceful and prosperous world it was brought to ruin as the evil known as the Pyroi emerged from the core of the planet and invaded the upper realm. The Ancients summoned forth their final tool, the Nova Weapons, marking the beginning of the First War where many Ancients were corrupted and ultimately joined their enemies’ side. When a Hero emerged wielding the Nova Claymore the Pyroi were banished once more back to the core and this evil enemy and dark time was forgotten.

Now the Pyroi have returned, once more bringing carnage and death in their wake in search of the Nova Weapons that they have already seen have the potential to drive them back; and now new Heroes must emerge to save the world once more.


At its core Nova Genesis follows a story-based progression where players will complete quests that will advance them in level and send them to different areas to complete various chapters in the game. Players will gain XP and level up over time, unlocking new skills and gaining access to more powerful gear and weapons as well as powerful companions to aid them in battle, all of which improves the players Battle Rating, a public number that represents how powerful a player is overall in comparison to the AI challenges and other players.


Players have a choice of six different characters to choose from broken down into three unique classes, each of which having both a male and female counterparts to choose from:

Corsair - This extremely physical combatant comes equipped with a huge sword and focuses primarily on physical attacks and defending their companions, shielding them from enemy attacks. In their Skill trees they are able to focus on increasing damage (Scourge), buffing the party (Command) or focusing on defences (Ward).

Wraith – A dual dagger wielding fighter they are fast and precise, able to deliver critical strikes to their opponents, their skill trees focus on single target damage (Eviscerate), area damage attacks (Flay) and controlling enemies (Toxin).

Psyon - Devastatingly destructive casters these arcane practitioners are able to control the enchanted ion crystals; they can focus on increasing their area damage (Ion), healing skills (Nova) or controlling single targets (Doom).


As a hero continues on their adventure they’ll meet many NPC characters on their journey, some of which will be willing to join the Hero in their party and give aid in battle. Players are able to customise their own Squad from their available companion characters, levelling them up individually and creating a more powerful team where their customised skills and equipment offer up strategy, particularly when players face off against each other in the Arena to test their builds and team cohesion.


There are many available Nova Weapons scattered across Cerulea, the Nova Claymore being the most well-known, but others such as Chaos Codex, Spectre’s Armet and even undiscovered weapons unknown to the world exist. Once found each weapon can be improved and enhanced; ascending Heroes to more powerful Greatness as well as offering up new abilities and stat bonuses. The Nova Weapons are the most powerful items in the game available to players and so seeking them out and acquiring them are one of the primary objectives; each one can be unlocked as players advance through the various chapters in game.


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