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Need For Speed World is a free to play racing MMO from the popular need for speed franchise where players are able to race against each other and compete in exciting challenges and event modes. By and unlock new cars, customise them and enhance their performance, earn new skill boosts and compete against other players in exciting online racing.


  • Fast online racing from the Need for Speed franchise

  • Create your own driver and level up

  • Unlock new cars and customise them to increase their performance

  • Gain access to powerful skills to improve your racing abilities

  • Complete exciting events challenges for great rewards

  • Free to play


To begin a career in the game players must first of all create their driver, their account name that people will see them by and also choose their own driver icon. Each driver has a set number of reputation points which they can earn through different levels in the game, gained by winning races, evading pursuits and taking part in other events. Drivers gain new levels as they gain wrap, as they increase to the levels the player will unlock new car slots and vinyl categories.

Each driver has a profile that keeps score of how many races they have had, worn and lost as well as their average finishing position when playing both multiplayer and single player races. Players are able to create multiple drivers, each acting as their own character and having their own profile.


Once a driver is made the first port of call is to buy your first car, players can begin the game with some free cash that they are able to purchase their first car from an initial selection that they can afford. Cash is earned through completing events and challenges and players can purchase more cars to add them to their garage or alternatively if they want to try before they buy they can rent a car for much less money and gain complete access to it for a day.

Whilst cars come in fully working order it pays to choose them up, tweaking their performance players can customise their cars to increase them to a hire car class by upgrading their car components including the Engine, Forced Induction, Transmission, Suspension, Brakes and Tyres which will in turn increase the car’s overall rating which is made up from their ratings according to their Top Speed, Acceleration, Handling.


As well as performance customisation players can also add skill mobs that further enhance a car’s abilities and makes the use of power ups stronger as well is directly improving cars attributes. Skill mobs come in three different categories; Race, Explore and Pursuit, each specific to a type of gameplay so that players can customise their skill mods as appropriate to what they enjoy doing in the game. Skill mods can do a variety of things such as allowing power ups to be used sooner in a race, increases the overall speed of Nitrous’ cooldown as well as increasing its duration, and much more.


The aim of the game in need for speed world is racing against other players or engaging in high-speed pursuits, players are able to join these events every day and compete against others with a selection of different events changing daily to encourage players to continuously come back to the game. Players are able to cruise around the map in free drive mode and find race locations, these can either be found just by driving around or indicated on the map and players can teleport to them instantly.

There are a variety of different events that a player can join, some of them are class restricted where players can only compete using cars from the same class type, which means a player must already be driving in that type of car to join.

The four main events that players can join are Team Escape, Treasure Hunt and Drag, each of which provides their own valuable rewards if a player is successful in completing the events outlined objectives.


  • OS: Windows XP (SP3)

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 @ 2.4 GHz

  • Memory: 1GB

  • Video: NVIDIA GeForce 6800, ATI Radeon X1300 or Intel GMA 950

  • HDD: 2GB

  • DirectX: Version 9.0c


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  1. RAPLEN October 21, 2014 at 5:00 PM -

    Bad support. Bad Devs. no Anti-Cheat. They’re banning innocent Players. They want to have all ur money. They can’t keep their promises.

    All in One: The game itself is not bad at all. t just need some good devs and Mods. :c

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