GENRE: Construction MMORPG
DEVELOPER: MyDream Software Inc


(Alpha) MyDream is a new take on the block building sandbox style MMORPG games where players can roam a voxel based open world that they can destroy, dig, explore and build upon to their hearts content. Players are able to log into a new world, join other players in their constructions or even build their own with both online and off-line play.


- Open sandbox worlds to explore, adventure and build in
- Voxel based environments
- Dozens of unique blocks and items to discover and place in your world
- Complete quests for treasure or create your own quests for the community
- Create your own constructions and have players rate them for rewards
- Dynamic day and night cycle
- Multiple environments to adventure through


With the randomly generated worlds, including all manner of different environments, hazards, traps and treasures players will be excited to travel across the world seeking out untold wealth either on their own or with groups of friends that they will meet in the game. There are a variety of different biomes (types of landscapes) from grassy forests and mountain ranges, icy snow touched tundra and dangerous fiery lava environments.

The voxel based environments means players will take a step away from the classic cuboid pixels that are seen in other games of this type, instead the fluid mesh that lays over the land and rock formations can be edited to create a more natural look as opposed to hacking out huge cubes of rock.


Some players prefer to be the builders themselves, in the game you are given the tools to etch out the landscape creating cavernous underground networks, mazes of building structures to make huge castles, pyramids and more. Players will have to track down valuable resources and learn how to create a wide selection of block types and items, such as functional doors, editable wooden signs, fences and glass windows.

The constructions you make can be locked down so that players cannot into your world and destroy them in classic grief play that can be seen in these types of games. Furthermore construction elements can be shared used by other players in their own worlds and you will be rewarded and notified each time someone new uses a particular element.


Players no longer have to randomly explore just for explorations sake, players will be able to create their own quests that can be tackled by the community including XP and treasure rewards for those who are successful. Now your buildings and constructions serve a greater purpose than simply athletics that fill up the landscape. Moreover players will be able to rate your quests upon completion including categories such as Creativity, Danger, Challenge and Fun.


Within the game players will be able to level up three different roles which are increased depending on the types of activities you perform and achievements you unlock. The roles are broken down into three categories:

Exploration - here players are rewarded for adventuring across the world, players must find clues, follow them and locate the hidden treasure to gain XP (and as often as not extra treasure and resources in the process!). The harder and adventure is to complete successfully the more XP a player will earn.

Creation - by creating quests, environments and buildings players will earn XP, with anything as simple as putting down a waypoint or more complex structures, the more involved and creative your build the more XP you will earn. XP is also earned from other players are rating your constructions.

Cooperation - this role is currently being worked on, but will encourage teamwork and players working cooperatively on larger builds and helping each other out.


MyDream’s final business model has not yet been decided but the developers are currently discussing either a flat fee “pay to play” purchase of the game or a subscription-based model (monthly or yearly).


Processor: Dual Core 2.6 GHz or equivalent processor
Memory: 4GB System RAM
Hard Disk Space: 500MB free of HDD space
Video Card: DirectX9.0 compliant video card with 512MB of RAM (NVIDIA GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon 2600 or better)



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