MU Rebirth

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
Developer: Webzen


An adaptation of Mu Online, MU Rebirth is a free to play MMO RPG based off the original game but has a much stronger emphasis on PVP focused gameplay as well as the original systems and features of Mu Online. Players can experience a much faster levelling process before with the new Rebirth feature that means the levelling and gameplay never ends.


- Old MU Online Features and Gameplay
- Faster levelling with a level 400 cap
- Rebirth allows players to start again once hitting level
- Free items that can be redeemed in the shop
- Action RPG gameplay
- Free to play


The game now has a stronger focus on PVP, particularly some of the more PVP focused features such as Castle Siege. The game’s official webpage has a number of different leaderboards for various challenges such as the most PVP kills in the game rewarding players with the top spots.


There are seven available characters in the game for players to choose from, each with their own unique abilities and skills that completely changes gameplay and how the player needs to utilise the character in combat. For example:

The Dark Knight - a dedicated warrior that has perfected their sword techniques, able to channel their physical strength and agility into powerful area attacks, with powerful melee abilities and defensive skills

The Fairy Elf - skilled with magic and actually and able to combine the two making them a balanced offensive and defensive combatants, they have powerful arrow attacks as well as being blessed with the ability to buff and heal their allies

The Summoner - hailing from a preserved blood line that dates back to the ancient times they are able to manipulate and communicates with a distant world summoning up mysterious and magnificent monsters they are also able to harness their abilities to incapacitate and weaken their enemies


When players reach the level cap of 400 they are able to be reborn, starting again at level 1 all the content is made accessible to them however they retain their earned stats, allowing them to essentially accumulate more points. Levelling from 1 to 400 can reportedly be done in between one and two hours, owing to a much faster levelling process where players can compete to have the most Rebirth’s in the game which is documented on the leaderboard.


Players are able to earn and unlock various items and gear as they play through the game, improving their overall stats and attributes. They must meet specific requirements in order to be able to use particular weapons and armour. Using powerful Jewels players can increase the level of their items, but on a failure they can actually reduce the level.

As well as this players can create socketable Seed Spheres that can be put into various weapons to give extra benefits and elemental bonuses to their attacks and defences.


In the game players are able to enter Loren Canyon for open world PVP, unrestricted and accessible by all players where, if killed, players can drop their items and gear. During the Castle Siege event players battle over control of a Castle, during this event players will not drop their gear if killed. Guilds and players are able to register throughout the week in preparation for the actual event that takes place once every week and greatly rewards those who are victorious in the battle.


Players have the option of turning on various automated features for auto hunting, where they can step AFK as the computer grinds through the PvE content required to level up. Players can set what type of creatures they wish to attack, which items to pick up, at what stage to use various potions to heal hit points, etc. and other useful options so that players don’t have to do grind the same mob over and over.


O/S: Windows XP
CPU: P4 2.0GHz or higher
Video: 3D Graphics Processor
DirectX Version: 9.0c


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