MU Online

MU Online

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG


MU Online is a free to play fantasy MMORPG that takes players to a gritty and dark realm filled with monsters and magic where they embark on epic quests to overcome the most dangerous and challenging creatures the continent and beyond has ever seen. Filled with PVE and PVP features the game has extensive content that is added with its seasonal updates and constant in game events.


- 8 Classes to play as
- A huge world to explore
- PVP and PVE content
- Loot, craft and buy powerful items and relics
- Play solo or with friends
- New seasonal content
- Free to play


The game is a traditional MMORPG with PVE quest based content used to progress both the story-arc and allow players to gain XP to increase their level and improve their character. With PVP elements with various possibilities, crafting and gear upgrading, exploration and a lot more the game is a feature packed title.


The game has eight different playable classes, however, when players first start out they only have access to an initial three classes; subsequent classes are unlocked when players reach a certain level with their main character. At later levels players upgrade and change their classes to more improved versions which changes up strategy and gameplay. The three starting classes are:

Dark Wizard – a mana hungry offensive spellcaster, they use the elements to wield meteors, lightning and fireballs to devastate enemies, they are extremely vulnerable defensively

Dark Knight – a powerful warrior they have high agility and physical strength allowing them for be a more prominent front line combatant as both a defensive powerhouse and an aggressive offensive fighter

Fairy Elf – this support type class can buff her allies and increase offensive capabilities, defenses and is even able to heal party members; some agility focused Elves can focus on quick ranged attacks

Players can unlock the Summoner, Grow Lancer, Magic Gladiator, Dark Lord and Rage Fighter.


There are dozens of areas in the game to explore, each location has its own quests and often unique creatures and monsters to battle against, which in turn have their own loot drops to enable players to improve their gear. Areas are completely level locked and players are unable to travel to these locations until reaching the necessary level requirement.

With the release of the Season 11 patch players are now able to visit Ferea, an elemental region divided into five areas (Water, Wind, Fire, Earth and Darkness) where players will be able to fight creatures that revolve around those elements as well as the deadly Lord of Ferea boss.


Players can challenge themselves with a variety of events that become available throughout the day or week; many are focused on higher level content that is best suited towards groups of friends to tackle.

Castle Siege – Guilds can register through the week to try and participate in the Castle Siege where on a Sunday players have an attack and defense objective game trying to take control of a castle controlled by the defending guild for full PVP combat

Devil Square – Players can fight the forces of Kundun in an endless battle as wave after wave spawn in a team based or solo horde survival mode, players must collect specific items in order to access the Devil Square before they can fight for great rewards

White Wizard Invasion – Randomly spawning orc armies spawn around the world lead by giant White Wizards, seek out these enemies and destroy them to get access to powerful treasure drops

Different events can grant different types of loot drops, but players can find gear through all sorts of activities including crafting powerful items or purchasing them from the in game store using in game currency or even real world cash. There are various powerful weapon relics and sets that can be acquired that grant powerful bonuses such as the legendary Bloodangel weapons, Darkangel Master set and the most powerful of them all: the Divine Archangel Weapons.


O/S: Windows XP
CPU: Pentium D 915 2.8GHz
Video: Geforce or Radeon 6x00 or higher


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