MU Legend

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG


The follow up to the hit MMO MU Online, Mu Legend is an action MMORPG where players take on the role of a hero tasked with defeating a millennia old threat that has remerged and devastated the realm. With five classes to choose from, players can engage in PVE and PVP focused content, collect and create powerful items, battle through various events and work together in co-op and Guild dungeons.


- Five playable classes: two specializations
- Customize your characters Skills and Soul Box abilities
- Fantastic graphics and atmospheric environments
- Earn and train up pets
- Numerous events such as the Endless Tower
- Instanced dungeons and raid content
- Free to play MMO


The game focuses on traditional hack n' slash action RPG mechanics using mouse to move and attack and a variety of hotkey based abilities; players will typically fight through dozens of enemies at any one time, unleashing explosive attacks that devastate their opponents, earning combo damage and delivered with dazzling special effects. With PVE mob hunting elements and quest based story-driven content, the game offers a variety of combat based systems that revolve around improve a character's individual combat power through skills, gear and upgrades. The quest content is relatively linear guiding players through different environments and growing gradually more difficult as they head to new zones, levelling up as they progress to face these challenges.


There are five classes to choose from (Dark Lord, Blader, War Mage, Whisperer and Spellbinder), each of which is gender locked to a male or female character, but offers a small element of appearance customization. The classes cover different roles that will benefit solo and team based content. Some examples of the classes are:

Spellbinder - Based on her own ability to awaken a lost power to control objects and minds, a Spellbinder can freely manipulate weapons to make ranged attacks, immobilize or mind-control a group of targets

Blader - This melee combatant devastates his enemies on the frontline using a combination of quick charge skills and a variation of control skills, with high mobility he can function as a melee DPS and frontline tank

Each class is able to choose from one of two Growth Patterns that work as class specializations, changing a classes’ role slightly, giving them access to different weapons and abilities.


Classes can be further improved such as by using the Soul Box system. Here players will earn Soul EXP as they level up and are able to spend points into various skills to improve them. Broken up into four categories (Attack, Defense, Support and Misc.) each category has four individual Souls to focus one. For example, in the Attack category, players can increase Physical Attack, Magic Attack, Critical Rate and Increase Critical Damage, the more points they put in an area the more powerful it becomes, with new abilities and boosts being unlocked if they spend many points.

Alternatively players can craft their own artifacts, which can then be equipped and grown to improve their potency, ranging from attack and defense improvements and other utility abilities, unlocking new features as they are improved. Players can acquire various pets to stand alongside them as companions giving them various perks and benefits, and can also be levelled up.


There are numerous events and plenty of content for players to experience in the game:

Dungeons - Dungeons are scattered all around the world and players can fight them solo or with a group, as a group players gain extra bonuses for how well they perform and can check out their contributions to the battles; players can also increase the difficulty of a dungeon for extra challenge and rewards

Rifts - Leading players to places across time and even other dimensions, each time a player enters the layout and monsters are procedurally generated and scaled according to a players level, meaning the dungeon layout is always different. During "Dark Rift" events the dungeons become more difficult and offer even greater prizes

PvP - The game provides both the team based Altar of Spirits (5v5 and 10v10 battles) where players capture and hold altars to score points, and the 1v1 Arena battling against an AI version of a real player for rank


O/S: Win XP or above
CPU: AMD Phenom II / Intel Quad Core or above
Video: Radeon HD4850 / GeForce 8800GT
Direct X: 9.0c


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