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Based on popular novels Journey to the West, Monkey King Online is a free to play browser-based action MMORPG that allows players to play as one of the 4 main heroes of the saga; Bull, Fox, Iron Fan and of course Monkey. Working together they will fight to bring peace once more to the heavens and battling against the evils that try to threaten it..


  • Inspired by the novels Journey to the West as well as Chinese mythology

  • Play as four iconic heroes from the saga

  • Fight against evil in the heavens and be a power for good

  • Real-time combat

  • Build up your character and upgrade their gear

  • Battle for territory in open world PVP as a Guild

  • Fully featured AFK modes

  • Browser-based MMO

  • Free to play game


In Monkey King Online players make their way through a story driven MMO fighting off hordes of enemy minions sent to try and overthrow the heavens, as the one hero who can save the day it is your task to build up your skills and abilities as you meet with various characters to perform their missions and tasks in the hopes of saving everyone. The core principle of the game is acquiring new gear and items as well as upgrading your attack abilities and coaxing Heroes to join your cause, all of which will directly increase your chosen characters Battle Rating: an indicator of how powerful you are in comparison to other players and creatures.


There are four different characters from the original saga that can be played, as well as a number of familiar faces from the stories that acts in an NPC capacity. The playable characters you can choose from:

  • Monkey - after spending 500 years traps within a rock this lovable character has now gained his freedom, armed with a variety of weapons at his disposal such as his own trusty cudgel and a number of magical abilities this notable hero will lead the charge against the evil is threatening to invade the heavens

  • Bull - Monkeys sworn blood brother he is better known by many as the Lord of the Fire Mountains, he is sworn in strength and his battleaxe to his friend to help him in his cause, a strength that takes its true form when Bull is angered where he shifts into a new bullheaded form that can be devastating in battle

  • Iron Fan - married to Bull, Iron Fan is a beautiful Princess that has gained mastery over nature magic where she can bend at the environment itself to her very well and can often be found between the border that separates heaven and hell

  • Fox - looks can be deceiving with this pretty young female, on the outside she may appear to be smiles and elegance but their areas and exceptionally skilled warrior that lies beneath that exterior and has mastered the ability of fusing her own magic into her combat abilities and using both spells and sword to fight her enemies including the ancient immortals


Players can earn a wide variety of different rewards in the game, a proof role login bonuses for simply playing the game, extra loot packages for hitting level milestones, mini random games to try and win prizes as well as constant loot and quest rewards gained through adventuring.


There are many different events in the game as well as features that players can get involved in, including scheduled regular world events for players to participate in in the hopes of gaining rewards and glory. PVP rankings allow players to compete against each other and work their way up the leaderboard for prestige and prizes.


The game has an extremely strong automated feature that, other than hitting the button to collect your rewards, in also mould your character will continue to head from NPC to NPC picking up their quests, running into battle and fighting enemies without players needing to push a single button or participate in anyway. This type of system is ideal for those that don’t like to grind killing the same creatures over and over to fulfil the quests requirement or if they wish to step away from the computer whilst travelling between locations.


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