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Miramagia is a free to play browser-based MMO where players take the role of a witch, a shaman, a druid or a mage and they can grow their very own magic garden and raise a dragon.

The lovingly-detailed gaming world is made up of hand-drawn graphics and brought to life with atmospheric animations.


After learning your first spells and the basics about growing herbs and magical shrubs, players must take care of a newly-hatched baby dragon.

As objective, players must improve their gardens, tend to rare plants and learn powerful spells. There are spells for nearly everything – from a quick rain spell to changing entire climate zones.


Mystical cultures
- Step into the role of a Druid, Shaman, Mage or Sorcerer.
- Enter a magical world full of fantastic plants and creatures.
- Learn powerful spells and change the world.

Wondrous plants
- Master the art of growing herbs using mystical plants.
- Sow, nurture and harvest.
- Come sun, snow, rain or drought. Whether it's a Tubular Mushroom, Stone Truffle or Snapdragon - everything grows with the help of your magical talent.

Varied quests
- Trade exquisite plants and earn sensational profits in the Market.
- Fulfil even the most difficult tasks set by village visitors.
- Climb up the rankings and become the most powerful inhabitant of Miramagia.

Strong together
- Become a part of your village with like-minded team mates.
- Work, chat, play and have fun together.
- Win competitions with your village community and make your village the most beautiful and successful place in Miramagia.

Powerful spells
- Foster and care for your young dragon until it grows into a powerful dragon.
- Design the most beautiful place in Miramagia for yourself.
- Funny spells offer many possibilities in decorating, making donations and playing pranks on unpopular neighbours.


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