The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot






an action packed MMO that is simply about gathering as much loot as you possibly can from all the players and ensuring that they don’t take it back, though quite a simple concept it has been executed with style, humour and above all fun.

The game is essentially a broken down into two modes of play; either as a Castle attacker you play your hero trying to steal loot from other players or as Castle defender ensuring that other players are unsuccessful in their attempts to steal from your heroes Castle.



  • Multiple classes available to play as your hero

  • Fast-paced action combat

  • Build your own castle room by room

  • Laydown traps and monsters to defend your loot

  • Hundreds of items, weapons and armour

  • Compete in the community and try to top the leaderboard


Castle Defending

players are able to design the layout of their Castle placing each room and corridor from an available selection of various sizes and shapes in the easy to use map editor. From here lay down your defences; dangerous creatures and hidden traps to confuse and challenge thieves, each with their own customisable skills giving players the chance to mix and match creating unique combos and finding the best mixtures.

Each time your Castle is attacked and your defences are successful in thwarting your rival’s attempts to all increase in level and earn rewards which can then go towards further improving your Castle and making it even more challenging. However, in the event that a player does get through they will steal a percentage of your horde, you are then able to watch the replay of the attempt to see where your defences are currently lacking.

Castle Raiding

whilst your neighbours try to breach your walls it’s only right that you try to return the favour as you head into rival territory and battle your way through rooms of vampires, Cyclops and even chickens. Mobs will drop even more loot along the way until you reach the boss room, once defeated you have full access to the castle’s vault and to the victor go the spoils.

As your hero increases in level you will be able to take on more challenging castles with higher defence ratings and potentially more loot inside, all the while competing to top a community leaderboard.



There are currently four revealed classes available in the game so far:

Sir Painhammer (The Knight) - a bit of a celebrity, Sir Edrick Pain Hammer is one merchandise making machine with a passion for loot in all its forms

Blackeye Bowgart (The Archer) - the ex-leader of the Green Leotard Thievery Corporation, Bowgart has taken robbery to an all-new level

The Earl of Evilosity (The Mage) - creator of the Conquer-Tron 2000 the Earl the Earl is able to turn most enemies to ash with the snap of his fingers

Unamed (The Runaway) – once a well-to-do aristocrat she has left behind a life of wealth, picked up her musical axe, and decided to try and go… and earn more wealth.


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2 Comments - "The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot"

  1. BloodKira October 19, 2013 at 3:41 AM -

    When i try to log in it wants a key

  2. Goodfellow October 21, 2013 at 7:49 AM -

    The game is still in closed beta BloodKira, to play it you will still need to sign up and cross your fingers to be lucky enough to get a key (pretty random process).

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