Mech Mice


Developer: Hyperhippo Productions

Platform: Internet browsers


Mech Mice is a turn-based, tactical squad game for kids aged 10 and up that combines a rich story with tactical strategy throughout an episodic journey. Children young and old are challenged to build their own squad of "Mech Mice" and help defend their world against the invading armies of evil. Within the game world, players will engage in a safe community while leading their squads through a series of fun and challenging levels that incorporate turn-based strategy, skill management and the collection of digital action figures.


Players are thrown into a fantasy world where mice lead their lives as the underdogs, being the ultimate prey. One day, mysterious shards arrive on the continent of Roden and mice start getting hyper-intelligent. They begin to develop vast civilisations with huge towns as well as advanced technology, mechs and weapons which finally enables them to builds armies to defend themselves.

Unfortunately, the arrival of the shards not only causes progress but also splits up the mice population into two rival factions – the Mech Mice and the Dark Union – and triggers a battle over the shards.


- Turn-based strategy gameplay

- Story & adventure modes

- Control of multiple characters

- Customisable squads

- Single player experience

- For children aged 10+

- Directly playable in any major browser


The population of mice on the continent of Roden is divided into two warring factions. Players will take over the role of Mech Mice who want to protect the shards and the life those are bringing. To that end, they have to fight against the Dark Union which is only interested in the knowledge of the shards, not caring about who gets hurts or what destroyed on their way.


There are two modes incorporated in Mech Mice:

Story mode

In story mode, players are provided with a preset squad to play the level.

Adventure mode

Adventure mode allows players to build their own squad.


In adventure mode, players will have to decide which units they want to include in their squad to take them into battle. They can have up to five units in their squad at any given time. Each unit of Mech Mice has their own special ability that is unique to them. Units will level up individually by earning XP in the game. Instead of dying, units are only knocked out and will be revived for the next level. They can also be healed by finding the blue healing plants, using special healing shards or using a medic unit.

There are nine unit types known so far:


The commander unit plays the role of the leader of the squad, and does not have much power compared to certain other units.


The medic unit is comprised of female mice who fulfil the role of the healer for injured units.


The heavy unit is the toughest Mech Mice unit which uses large weapons, including bazookas, heavy suits, etc. However, they are quite slow and require many turns to move one from place to place.


The grunt unit is the most basic, and weak Mech Mice unit which is equipped with a standard blaster as a weapon.

Bazooka Grunt

The bazooka grunt unit primarily pilots the squad to certain places. It is possibly that they may drive a large, armed attacking vehicle.

Shield Grunt

The shield grunt unit carries a giant metal shield, protecting other mice.


The recon unit is a stealth member of a squad. Very accurate and sneaky, they use sniper rifles and long range weapons as primary weapons.


The grenadier unit uses grenades as its primary weapon, but is also able to use a grenade launcher to cause heavy damage.


There two types of shards in the game: while large shards terraform the planet and evolve creatures, small shards use energy to give characters special abilities in the game.


Web browser

Unity Web Player plug-in

Internet connection


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