Master X Master

Master X Master


GENRE: Free to play MOBA


A free to play MOBA, Master X Master sees many heroes from the various NC Soft MMOs brought into a futuristic world to battle against each other in PVP and face a PVE story-campaign. This fast paced isometric top down game features explosive combat, character customization and allows players to enter a battle with two characters and independently switch between them during combat.


- Fight with two interchangeable characters
- Dozens of characters to choose from
- Exciting MOBA combat
- PVE and PVP content
- Crafting to boost characters
- Free to play


Master X Master (MXM) is divided up into two main aspects; PVE and PVP. With PVE players will battle across a handful of quest focused areas in a linear campaign, able to repeat the content over and over to earn rewards and currency that will allow them to acquire new Master characters and improve them. PVP falls into two options: Arena combat and MOBA matches, with a different map for both, different rules and different types of gameplay.

The game utilizes WASD controls with attacks bound to the QER keys and the ability to switch between two pre-selected characters using the middle mouse button, offering unique strategic options in combat.


There are a variety of characters covering traditional roles from Juggernaut, Skirmisher, Assassin, Support and others, each of which has their own stat grading (Weapon Damage, Skill Power, Survivability and Control Difficulty), and having unique skills to use in combat. Players can customize their character with earned/crafted Nodes that allow them to boost certain aspects of their character, with further optimization boosts for enhancing specific nodes depending on the character.

Whether PVE or PVP players choose two different characters to play as, controlling one at a time in combat, and they can switch between them during the fight whether this is due to one character having taken too much damage (as both characters have their own health pool) or facing an enemy where your other characters role/skills might make them a stronger matchup. Whilst one of the characters is inactive it replenishes its health when not being used.


The game has two main PVE areas, the campaign mode where your characters battle through story quests across the four main PVE stages, or a dungeon crawl option where they will face insanely challenging enemies that most definitely requires a group to combat. The campaign stages can be completed on different difficulty settings, which not only changes the types of creatures you will see in the stage, but also the skills of some of the creatures you might normally see. The greater the difficulty the more rewards that are earned; many Master characters require players to earn a set number of a certain unique items to unlock access to them, which are earned through PVE.


Players can fight in a small 3v3 Arena battle for some quick brawl style combat, trying to earn kills in a short team deathmatch where they can use the cover and higher ground of the arena to try and tactically out think their opponent. However, the main PVP mode is a 30 minute traditional 3 lane MOBA where players push lanes, destroy waves of minions and towers defenses and try to destroy the enemy core structure. Destroying the enemy core is a victory, however teams also earn points over the course of the match getting kills or completing objectives; the first team to reach 1000 points, or the team with the highest score when the match time is up, can also win the game in this manner.

Whilst earning points every so often a team will earn enough points to trigger a Titan, a huge NPC that marches down the central lane and tries to destroy any enemy tower structures, ultimately marching on the core. Titans will also attack each other if they are both spawned and meet each other in the lane; destroying a Titan allows players to pick up a Titan Shard, return 10 of these shards to base and a single player on the team can turn into a Titan themselves switching between powerful PVP Titan skills or into a siege mode to quickly destroy structures.


Currently Unreleased


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