Mad World

Mad World

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser - Crossplatform
DEVELOPER: Jandisoft


Mad World is a free to play 2D MMORPG taking place in a unique world overrun by vicious demons. Boasting a unique art style the MMO is a cross-platform game powered by HTML5 and accessible by any browser-enabled environment. The game will see classic features such as PVP, PVE, Farming, Quests, Trading and huge Boss fights.


- 2D Action MMORPG
- Developed for HTML5
- Weapon based skill trees
- Team PVP
- PVE with huge boss co-op fights
- Multiple controls for different platforms
- Cross-platform compatibility
- Free to play


A post-apocalyptic world now infested with dark souls where only brave survivors can dare to dream of escaping their grim reality. The past is long forgotten after an event almost brought the world to its end. Thousands of years have now past and mankind stands at the brink of a new era, one where hope can quell the chaos and despair. This is Mad World.


The core of the game focuses largely on open world questing and PVE across a variety of huge maps. Transitioning between areas is almost seamless with a near non-existent loading time, providing the feel of a single large open world. Across this world players will be able to interact with each other, whether trading items or grouping up for cooperative PVE challenges or team PVP.

The PVE element allows players to battle together and fight off the various creatures of Mad World, farming them for experience or loot. Across the world are numerous massive Boss battles that require multiple members of a party to take down, as well as strategy. Learning how these Bosses fight and mastering positioning and timing is critical to taking them down.

Outside of PVE players are also able to engage in PVP in huge team vs team battlezones. There are currently no fixed numbers for the number of players allowed in PVP, but there will be hundreds of players capable of fighting at any one time. The combat is fast and dynamic and focuses on a combination of targeting and non-targeting combat.


The game does not have any classes, instead players level up individual weapon types. Depending on what weapon a character is wielding when it is in combat will determine what weapon skill they level up and progressively become more proficient in. Players are able to master all weapon types and so can free switch between any weapons freely.


The game is developed for HTML5, a potential future standard for browser games, and enables access to the title across multiple platforms. As well as players being able to game together regardless of whether they are on PC, Mac, Android Mobile or any other browser accessible platform, the game controls and resolution will change dynamically to reflect the platform. With multiple control options such as joy pad mode, touch mode, and a combination of the two, the game has been optimized for mobile play.


Web Browser


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