Lunaria Story

Lunaria Story

Developer: 4399 Studios
Platform: Internet browsers


Lunaria Story is a free-to-play 2D, side-scrolling, massively multiplayer online role-playing game that features delightful graphics and simple, but impressive gameplay. It incorporates popular elements of other MMORPGs as well as several new mechanics. Players can go on thrilling quests, fight cool monsters, and train pets which join them in battle.


In Lunaria Story, players are thrown into the middle of a struggle. The Tablets of Power, which the people had once received as gifts from the gods, have been stolen and corrupted and an evil energy has permeated the land. Now it’s up to the player to reveal the evil forces behind what is going on and put a stop to them.


- 3 unique playable classes
- Compelling PvP events
- Farming for EXP and silver
- Comprehensive pet system
- AFK mode
- No download required
- Completely free-to-play


Lunaria Story offers three playable classes, each with unique skills and abilities:

Swordsmen are built to slice and dice, and excel in close combat.

Hunters use guns, bombs, and other weaponry to get their job done.

Elementalists conjure magic, bringing devastating barrages from near or afar.


The game features deeply customizable looks, allowing players to set their character's hair, eyes, and mouth. In addition, they may select from a number of tops, bottoms, and shoes. Equipping special suits not only provides stat boosts, but also allows players the opportunity to look like some of their favourite characters from other popular stories and games.


Equipment provides stat boosts and enhances might. Each piece of equipment has its own level which can be enhanced to raise its stats. In order to create even more powerful equipment that can be further enhanced, player can use the synthesis system. They need a piece of equipment as a base as well as certain materials and synthesis scrolls.
There are ten types of equipment in Lunaria Story: weapons (attack boost), helmets (HP boost), top (PDEF boost), gloves (critical strike enhancement), pants (MDEF boost), shoes (dodge boost), necklaces (rage boost), bracelets (accuracy boost), rings (critical damage boost), and badges (shield boost).


Lunaria Story offers a complex pet system. Pets increase a character’s might, and provide stat boosts in battle. They need to be well fed to prevent their happiness from slowly draining and be able to summon them during battle. Players can have multiple pets, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

When summoned, each pet’s attributes provide a corresponding rise in character attributes. Growth attributes provide boosts to the character’s strength, stamina, agility, and wisdom while potential provides boosts to dodge, critical strike, shield, critical damage, and shield.

Pets can also learn skills, which come in two types: talent skills and normal skills. They provide additional boosts in battle. In order to unlock additional slots for new skills, players have to increase the pet’s potential.

Moreover, pets can be merged, with the resulting combination carrying over the best attributes from each. Players are able to choose what the new pet will look like after merging.


Besides traditional daily quests and events, Lunaria Story also provides many daily instances. Players can party up with friends, take on powerful bosses, or battle waves of enemies.
A quite original instance is Romantic Interlude that requires a party of one male and one female character. Married couples receive special buffs upon entering and gain double rewards for defeating five waves of monsters as well as the final boss.


The game offers wildly fun PvP, reminiscent of classic 2D fighters. Amongst others players can engage in the following PvP events:

Warrior Duel
In this 1v1 event, players compete and attempt to build up a win streak. As the win streak builds, the rewards are compounded. Health doesn't replenish however, so they lose a battle, the bundles of loot that win streak brought are over.

Battle of Might
Set on a more open battlefield, this battle features more mayhem. Players are split into three teams, and win points for defeating players in the other two camps.

Arena Ladder
In the arena ladder, players fight 3v3. Victory brings weekly bonuses, and team points that can be used to purchase items in the exchange.

Guild Battle
Up to 16 guilds can join the guild battle in a competition to destroy the opposing guild’s flag and kill as much enemy players as possible.




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  1. deni February 10, 2019 at 3:28 PM -

    direct to r2games too.
    pls find another publisher for lunaria story . r2games shutting down the game
    many people love to play this game but r2 dont care and removed many event

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