Genre: Free to play Action MMO
Platform: Windows
Developer: DACN


Steeped in Chinese mythology and set in the lands of ancient China this 3-D free to play MMORPG is packed with action-based combat, both PVE and PVP, as well as epic PVP mass battles which can consist of 500 players all duking it out simultaneously. For the PVE others there are hundreds of available quests that take you across the world through many beautifully designed regions and cities that each has their own style and historic story.


With its Chinese mythology roots on the journey through the world of Loong players can meet a number of different historical and memorable figures that they can ally themselves with or choose to oppose. Similarly the pets that are available and various mounts take on the forms of legendary creatures and beasts.

Many of the names of places, factions and other elements of the game are taken directly from Chinese history and influential people and leaders so that players can learn a little bit of real-world lore as they play the game.

Skill Based Characters

Loong does away with the more traditional class-based characters , opting to go for a complete skill-based system where players can choose from various skill trees which aspects and abilities they want to focus on, made up from various Weapon Trees and the Battle Tree.

Once players reach level 10 they will earn skill points at every subsequent level, skills and abilities a player chooses will drastically affect the style of play and which weapons will be available to them, I.e. focusing on melee weapons, magic or bowls. Prior to characters reaching level 30 they are able to reset all their skill points freely with various items earned from questing, enabling them to try out various combinations and builds before settling on one.

There are seven different weapons available each of which has their own in-depth talent tree: Sabre, Bow, Polearm, Sword and Zither, as well as the Totem and Glove which can be used in any of the three available Magic Trees.

With various abilities and skills players are able to buff and debuff both enemies and companion teammates. Buffs can be either permanent or have a limited duration, whereas debuffs will always have an expiration, which can effects speed, attack, weapon skill and more.


There are ten different crafting skills available within the game and each player can choose to learn three of them, these skills will be levelled up the more players use them, which will also in turn grant XP and yield valuable upgrades and items.

Some professions are crafting whereas others focus on collecting and harvesting nodes that can be found in the world to give valuable resources are used in crafting.

Pets and Mounts

Pets are more than cosmetic items that follow you around and actually have a practical use to them, not only will they help loot your kills automatically, actively give you potions during combat they can also be used to travel over vast distances. As well as this pets can learn a wide variety of different skills to aid you in combat and are able to equip special items and gear to boost up their abilities.

The Dragon Market

By utilising the Dragon market players can purchase various items, armour, weapons, cosmetic fashion items and even pets, with an added bonus that this shop can be accessed anywhere in the game meaning players out on a dungeon run who suddenly find themselves to be out of potions can quickly replenish their stocks without having to leave. The Dragon market requires the games in game premium currency “Gold” which can be bought through the official website or in the “Gold Trade” in game by trading in game currency.

System Requirement

Operating System: Windows XP / Win Vista / Win 7
Processor: Intel Pentium 4  2.4Ghz or equivalent
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Hard Drive Space: 4GB
Graphics: Radeon 9550 / GeForce 5200


Web:  Loong



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