GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
DEVELOPER: Mythyn Interactive


Linkrealms is a a free to play fantasy themed MMORPG that dates back to a more hardcore “old school” style of game with its isometric top down graphics, hardcore gameplay, and open sandbox content. Now available free to play, it allows players to create various characters and make their way into the world carving a virtual life out for themselves.


- Classless skill-based system
- Open world PVP server option with full looting
- Own your own land and buildings
- Fight, explore and craft
- Trade with other players
- Dungeons to seek out and conquer
- Free to play


Linkrealms offers a traditional retro style of Sandbox MMORPG gameplay where players have absolute freedom to do what they like in their virtual life. With the open classless skill system players are able to focus on adventuring, crafting, exploration, and realistically build any type of character to promote the type of gameplay they enjoy. The whole point of the game is to build a life for your character, give them a purpose, land, a place in the world and then engage with other players as part of the social MMORPG experience.


Players start out by choosing their race from a handful of options, but are cosmetic appearance options only, the true guts of a character comes in their skills. Players are not bound to playing a single class of character like most modern MMORPGs offer, instead there is a long list of skills to choose from that players can individually train up to create a character that suits their pursuits in the game. Initial character creation allows players to put points into certain skills from role recommendations, such as a Burglar type characters having Hiding and Lockpicking to steal from NPC lockboxes, or an Assassin character having one of the many weapon skills and using poisons created with the Poisoning skill. Each skill can max out at 100 points, with more proficiency in its use the higher the number, and players have a cap of 700 points to accumulate and distribute between all the skills.


Skills aren’t only limited to combat focused ones, players can fully focus on being crafters with 5 available “Working Skills” (Cooking, Tailoring, Prospecting, Mining and Blacksmithing; players gather resources around the world from various nodes such as mining for ore and refining it into ingots, or harvesting plants for fruit and vegetables and killing beasts for meat to use in Cooking. Players can run their own shops with vendors to sell items, at which point even skills such as Poisoning allow players to poison weapons and sell them to players without the poisoning skills.

Players are able to run their own shops from their own land, building homes with vendors, or establishing castles and keeps for their guild to convene in and train their various skills within.


There are dozens of events and dungeons in the game that can be accessed by anyone, even areas that are far too dangerous and challenging for a low level player are unbarred and accessible, more so that these areas are typically rife with players waiting to steal a boss kill and its loot.


PVP differs depending on the server players choose. If choosing the Phoenix (PVP) server then players will experience full Open PVP with only a few safe locations, full looting where players can take everything a player was carrying if they are killed, and no rights to looting monsters (meaning even if someone else kills it you can still loot it); on the Mythyn (PVE) server PVP is restricted to certain areas only and only resource items can be looted.

Players that attack “Innocent” players (i.e. one that has not attacked someone) gain temporary “Criminal” status where they can be attacked (which is also earned by looting players or kills they didn’t make). Repeatedly killing Innocent players will make a player a red “Assassin” character that can be killed freely by all players; Criminals and Assassins cannot enter towns.


O/S: Windows
HDD: 350MB
DirectX Version: 9.0


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