Legend of Edda

Genre: Free to play PvP MMO
Platform: Windows
Developer: Eya Soft

Though cute on the outside legend of Edda is in fact an intense, hard-core PVP-based MMO which focuses on solo PvP, faction RvR, Guild v Guild and even open world PvP and PKing where nowhere is safe. Set to an Ancient Greece backdrop players are taken through five different chapters of a much larger story arc that revolves around two conflicting factions. Players can choose which faction to fight for, pledging allegiance to either the Olympus gods or the Titans.

At the close of a great war between the Titans and the Gods of Olympus, including the chieftain of the gods Zeus who banished Cronus and his Titans into the underworld. Descendants of the Greek Gods lived among the humans and through these the Titans hope to one day have their revenge, approaching them and trying to coerce them with promises of power that would equal the Titans. In retaliation the Gods gathered their own armies from the humans and as their reward promised immortality and so the conflict that was once held between gods and Titans has now engulfed the known world.

Main Features

- Four different types of Quests: Standard Quests, Class Quests, Story Quests and pvp/Faction Quests
- Various PVP options from duelling, Guild V Guild, open world PVP, faction battles and even specialised arena type party battles
- Three available classes each of which with up to seven different upgrades
- Instanced dungeons that can be run with your party
- In-depth Pet Feature with companion pets that will aid you with their skills
- Easy travel and exploration with teleportation
- Five tiers of monster types
- Five different weapon grade’s, each of which can be enchanted and improved
- Use the power of your deities gained as rewards through Faction v Faction battles
- Upgrade your characters appearance, skills and weapons with the Hero Classes

Available Classes
There are six different classes to choose from within the game; Wizard, Cleric, Assassin, Archer, Swordsman and Warrior, chosen at character creation players are able to further specialize into different subclasses through quests and upgrade into a different class and gain extra powerful abilities.

System Requirement


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