Last Chaos

Last Chaos

Last Chaos is a free to play fantasy-themed MMORPG that offers a rich history and dozens of features that have been added over the years. With quest-based progression, players can choose from a variety of heroic classes, explore the lands of Iris, and do battle against the men, creatures and dark gods that threaten it.


- Nine classes
- PVE and PVP content
- Pets and mounts
- Multiple server types
- Crafting
- Raids and Siege System
- Free to play


Last Chaos offers a traditional feature packed MMORPG experience, with multiple classes, PVE, crafting, PVP, Raiding and more it also has a low entry to access in terms of system requirements meaning that most PCs can play the game. Players can take on various quests, more so in the early portion of the game, but generally the game is a more sandbox experience where players choose what they want to do and level up their character to access new content.


One of the first things a player must choose is the server they wish to play on (there are currently three servers) and then choose a sub-server; the sub-servers have different mechanics in place from each other, ranging from PVP enabled/disabled to different servers that have specific types of events/content such as the Raid system, Extreme Cube system, Royal Rumble and Sieges and so providing a different focus for different players. Players are able to have four characters per server by default, and unlock an additional four characters with Character Slot Expansions; characters are locked to their server, but can switch between sub-servers to participate in all the game content.


The game provides nine different classes for players to choose from, offering various melee and ranged combatants focusing on damage, healing, utility, physical combat and more. Each class is locked to a specific race and gender that cannot be changed, however players have a handful of appearance customization options. Some classes include:

Titan – Mortal beings that were created by Eres, the God of Darkness, that were once his soldiers against the God of Light, Apollon. These huge beings have high levels of stamina and strength, with a dual class of being an attack focused Highlander or a damage and constitution focused Warmaster

Healer – High Elf healers use mana to manipulate the life force that is ever around them, able to tend wounds with magic. The Healer is able to focus on becoming an Archer, a natural talent to High Elves, or a healing focused Cleric.

The classes typically have multiple skill trees that they can advance down, spending Skill Points to attain new Active or Passive skills and customizing which skills and trees they focus on to create a build that best suits their style of play.


The game has a three core crafts to allow players to be self-sufficient, including gathering skills (stone mining, energy absorbing and herb harvesting), processing (stone processing, energy processing and herb processing) to then crafting (weaponsmithing, armorsmithing and alchemy). Players can make all manner of items from equippable gear to useable consumables such as healing potions, crystals of experience and more.


Players who are under level 16 cannot be attacked and have newbie protection, players are able to turn their PVP status on and off; with PVP turned off players can still be attacked but they do not lose any XP or SXP if they are killed. In PVP players earn titles from kills, even becoming a notorious PKer/murderer (red name) or a protector (blue name) depending on who you kill. Red PKers lose XP and SXP when they are killed and they are actively hunted down by other players; there are no benefits to being a Red, but players choose to do it for the thrill of being hunted.


This system is a unique dungeon where players enter a dungeon and are faced with five cubes; by speaking to a cube their party or guild enter it and must fight high level enemies in the room, moving through five different rooms and destroying the crystal at the end; from here they move to the next crystal (making 25 “rooms” in total to defeat) and then battle the boss in the final room. In Guild Cube sessions rival guilds on PVP servers can enter a Cube at the same time as their opponent, meaning players may have to fight the elite cube mobs and other players at the same time.


O/S: Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7
CPU: Pentium 4 1.5GHz
RAM: 512MB
Video: GeForce 4 Ti / Radeon 8500
Direct X: 9.0c

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
DEVELOPER: Barunson Games

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