Korner 5

Korner 5

GENRE: Free to play MMO Football Simulator


An exciting and challenging football MMO Korner 5 lets players step into the studded boots as a rising football professional in this competitive player v player focused game of skill. Play against thousands of players from around the world, earn currency and customize your character and skills in fast paced, fun and free to play matches.


Exciting skill based football gameplay
Increase your characters skills
Play in Team Games or 1 vs 1
Fully customizable appearance
Create your own Team with other players
Free to play


The core gameplay focuses on action and skill based football matches where players control a single character, this can either be in a 1 versus 1 match with just the player and AI goalkeeper per team, or in a Team Match where players can work with their friends a teammates (liked Clan/Guildmates) to challenge other teams. Players earn in game currency and use it to improve their character and have the option of trying to raise their overall global rank as a solo player or fight for Team Rankings.


The controls in the game are both simple yet intuitive, allowing players to have a lot of control over their character and requires a combination of player skill and successfully levelled up characters:

Movement – Using the WASD keys players can move their player around the pitch, able to move forward and back as well as strafe left and right to try and outmaneuver opponents to block and tackle them, to get into a space to receive a pass or to dribble the ball

Aiming – With the mouth players are able to change the direction of their player, with a constant third person perspective, the mouse controls a target on the floor when the player has possession of the ball so that they can try to pass to a player or into space, when they are near the goal the floor target changes into a vertical shoot target to place where they want the shot to go

Kicking – The left mouse button allows the players to pass or shoot when they have the ball, holding it down for longer will do a bigger kick, but if the player doesn’t release the button soon enough they will overpower their kick and fumble it

Sprint – Using the spacebar players are able to sprint, either with or without the ball, which using up their stamina that will replenish over time

Tackling – The middle mouse button allows players to tackle, either when next to an opponent in control of the ball by holding the button to try and tackle them, or by tapping it to perform a sliding tackle; a dangerous action if timed badly as a foul will lead to a yellow or red card, a debuff penalty that slows down the player


There are a variety of ways to customize the look of a player, with various hairstyles and facial hair options, skin tones, eye colour, body type and a variety of accessories such as tattoos, hats and sunglasses.


By competing in games players acquire Korner Dollar currency that they can spend on training, improving a variety of skills by increasing their rank, players are able to improve such things as total stamina, stamina refresh speed, running speed, dribbling speed and many more options.


For 2000 KD (Korner Dollars) players are able to create their own team, giving it a name, its own strip and recruiting players into the squad like a Clan. When part of a team players are able to challenge other teams to see who is the best! Teams compete for rank position on the global leaderboard and earn rewards for being the top teams.


Occasionally the game runs official Tournaments, knock out games where players compete with each other to try and win the Tournament, a cup and the financial rewards. Not everyone can compete in a Tournament but those players that have accessed the Premium Account options are able to use the Spectator mode, a mode that allows them to watch any public games that are happening to how their rivals perform.


OS: Windows
Low System Requirements


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