Knight’s Fable


GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Take on all manner of evil and magical threats to the realm in this fantasy epic. Knight’s Fable is a hero building free to play MMO RPG where players must work towards creating the strongest hero possible, levelling up and gaining access to brand-new game features all of which can be played directly through your chosen web browser.


- Four different characters/classes to choose from
- Stunning graphic visuals
- Fast-paced combat
- Build up your hero party with gear, companions and skills
- Multiple PVP focused features to enjoy
- Complete events to gain rewards
- Web based gameplay
- Free to play


That gameplay primarily focuses on players having to continuously increase their main heroes stats, abilities, gear and companion characters to increase their Battle Ranking (BR), the numerical value which determines whether an opponent is stronger or weaker than you. With a variety of quests and PVP focused features there are numerous ways to acquire gear and abilities to improve your BR with PVP being a major feature of the endgame content.


There are four different characters to choose from in Knight’s Fable, each of the premade characters having their own unique class that determines their skills, available gear and combat style. The character that a player initially chooses will in many ways determine which heroes they will wish to add into their party, for example a player starting with a heavily defensive Knight may want to focus on acquiring damage dealer heroes and support companion. The four classes are:

The Knight - a male only character who is capable offensively but shines with his defensive prowess and high armour

The Fighter - a male combatant that has high dexterity and attack power for doing high-level the damage to enemies

The Magi - a female character able to on leash spells with huge destructive capabilities using magic focused attacks

The Spiritus - a female character that is a primary support class able to buff her party members and debuff enemy opponents


Heroes come in various forms and can be acquired through gameplay and completing quests or more typically hired using the lockable Tavern system, which allows players to acquire Hero Cards that can randomly give players access to a new and rare hero to add to their party. In the event that a player gets a hero they have no requirement for they are able to transfer that heroes Intelligence and Aptitude over to a newly created hero that serves a better purpose, which can then be improved using the Hero Totems system that allows players to increase the BR of their hero, upgrading HP, Attack and Defence from +1 to +9.

Players also have the opportunity to add “beasts“ to their party by recovering shard fragments from the Dragon Den and trade them in to get such companions as the Slavemaster Demon who is an evil fiery creature that carries duel wields a powerful flaming whip and a blazing sword as his chosen weapons, or the Corpse Commander, a now fallen King who has arisen and broken free of the malevolent spirits that once possessed him and is a stoic hero in the face of darkness.


There are a few choices of PVP modes that players can get involved in, for example:

Battle Shrine - here players can go one-on-one against each other to try out their party and see how they work out in combat, players can combine various skills, gear and hero types to see which combination makes the most effective group. Players can battle in the Shrine 15 times a day and will receive rewards in the chance to move up the ranking system and earn prestige and glory

Alliance Wars - accessible by those players who have join an Alliance/Guild, providing the Guild is at rank two they can go up against other Guilds in a battle to take over a keep starting with an outside war where the attacking team must try to break through the wall defences and then an inner city war to try and finally take over to keep. Huge prizes are available to those who were successful in fighting in the war


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