Kingdom Rift


GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


A fast-paced combat and story driven browser-based MMORPG, Kingdom Rift sets players as the Chosen hero in a time of strife and darkness as the evils of the realm have amassed the player is the only one who can save the world aided by the powerful Goddess companions that they will meet on their journey. Kingdom Rift is completely free to play but offers players a VIP Membership system with different levels of membership providing higher rewards, as well as a Recharge system that allows players to purchase the premium in game currency used to buy powerful and rare items.


- Three different classes to choose from
- Extensive quest-based content to earn XP and Silver currency
- Various Dungeons to explore in solo adventures or with their team
- Level up and acquire and upgrade powerful skills
- Fully automated features from travelling to combat
- Browser-based gameplay
- Free to play MMORPG


After centuries of peace is across the realm dark malevolent forces begin to gather in strength as the fires of the Hellgate once more begin to stir as the evils of the underworld ready their assault on the land once more. The Light Wardens have begun to mobilise in preparation for these reports and the lands begin to fall into chaos as allies begin to turn upon each other. As a Chosen warrior of light it is your time to restore the balance, accompanied by powerful Goddesses now is a time for heroes to be born.


Kingdom Rift falls into a traditional Asian MMORPG system, focusing on players building up their BR score by acquiring items, mounts, levelling up or recruiting powerful companions to join them. This score allows players to determine which content is within range for their character as well as which other players are viable targets for PVP. Progressing through the game players will unlock various new features that will ultimately prove to make them stronger and further increase their BR score, the endgame focusing mostly on PVP or players working towards being the top of the Player Rankings or Guild Rankings.


There are three classes that players can choose from:

Warrior - a powerful melee fighter with nearly impenetrable defences, this hero is happy to charge into the fray wielding a huge sword and dropping enemies with powerful Crit attacks and Whirlwind strikes

Hunter - focusing on using a bow and arrow the Hunter is blessed with a variety of skills for any situation but concentrates on dealing their damage from a distance with their long ranged attacks keeping them safely out of melee combat

Warlock - a powerful magic caster that has the ability to freeze enemies in place as well as perform deadly curses on their opponents, the weak defensively they have enough skills to keep them alive when in battle

As players progress they will unlock new skills for their chosen class, each of which can be further improved using Skill Points that can enhance the unlock skills to make them more powerful.


Throughout their adventure players will come in contact with various Goddesses, benevolent beings looking to help restore the balance to the world and, providing the player has the Silver and unique resources required to unlock these deity they will assist a player as a companion and fight alongside them in battle.

Once a Goddess has been obtained players are able to further upgrade them using powerful Artifacts. Each type of Artifact is unique to an individual Goddess and will significantly improve the corresponding goddesses stats. There are also seven different types of genus with the Goddesses: Mystic, Fey, Celestial, Divinity, Primeval, Skyqueen and Highqueen, which players can Extol to increase them through these levels and give them more powerful skills and attributes.


Content focuses primarily around PVE content with a variety of Dungeons that players will unlock at different levels as well as server World Bosses that the entire server can try to take down with rewards being handed based off how much damage a player is able to inflict on them. PVP content is also available through the Gladiators feature with a tenement that allows players to earn great rewards.


Web Browser


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