First Look at Kingdom Rift

First Look at Kingdom Rift
First Look at Kingdom Rift


We took some time out to play the newest MMORPG from R2 Games, Kingdom Rift, a traditional battle against dark forces to save the world where players can progress through the game battling their way through dungeons, World Bosses, engaging in PVP Arena battles and acquiring all manner of mounts, gear and Goddess companions to aid them in their journey.

We’ve come to accept a certain style of game from R2 Games and, as ever, it was interesting to try out one of their new releases just to see if they have tried anything different whether it has followed the same strategy as many of their previous titles. Check out our video to see whether we experienced anything different in comparison to the other R2 Games we’ve whether it felt like another reskinned version of Wartune.

Kingdom Rift is browser-based Free-to-play MMORPG Game from R2Games, read more about the game here on


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