Kingdom Under Fire 2

Kingdom Under Fire 2

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is a Play2Play RTS that mixes many MMORPG elements with RTS gameplay where players can also lead their own army of troops in battle, creating a duel game where players must focus on not only building up their own hero character but also amassing a large army of soldiers to follow them.


- Choose from three different factions
- A variety of different classes available
- Recruit your own army of troops and take them into battle
- Fight as a general using overhead top-down strategy combat
- Switch to third person mode and fight as your hero in battle against thousands
- Fight against other Guilds and nations to take full control of the continent
- Free to play


There are three principal factions fighting for survival and territory in Bursia, continent shaking events known as the Cataclysm that forced these groups to align themselves with each other:

Human Alliance - formed from the races of Humans, High Elves and Dwarves, this old alliance was first formed during the First War of Heroes battling the Lich Khiliani whilst trying to protect the Ancient Heart; a powerful artefact protected by the Elves. During the years of peace that followed the Humans grew ever more prosperous and now stand as the leading race in this alliance, commanding the most powerful troops and hiring the Elves as mercenaries and recruiting the Dwarves as mechanics, researchers and engineers.

Dark Legion - made up of the Dark Elves, Half Vampire, Orcs and Undead this alliance is made up of cursed races shunned from the world, assembled in part due to the efforts of Regnier; the apparent immortal blessed with the power of the Ancient Heart who rallied these cursed races under one banner. Even after Regnier’s death his legacy lives on and the faction remains, continuing their blood feud and war against the other factions of Bursia.

Exile - strange and alien creatures from another dimensiona appearing into the world through cracks in space time allowing linking the Age of Light, ruled by Nible, and the Age of Darkness that is ruled by Encablossa. Those under Encablossa command broke free, able to escape the Age of Darkness and escaped to Bersia as Exiles; constantly hunted down by the primitive Encablossians looking to return them to where they came from.


Three of the available classes within the game are:

Gunslinger - equipped with a rifle as their main weapon and turning to a sword for their backup close quarters fighting, the Gunslinger is proficient in both long and short distance combat and are well armoured in full plate to give them solid defences

Spellsword - able to channel the elements of the world including fire and ice Magic they use their wand to focus their abilities, amplifying the level of destruction and devastation that they wield, but also turning to their traditional swords making them extremely versatile combatants

Berserker - well armoured in full plate and equipped with a powerful gauntlet and huge bastard sword these unstoppable monoliths are terrifying to behold on the battlefield, empowered by both the light and the dark they must find balance between peace and rage in battle


The game supports two types of combat, heroic combat where a player controls their own character amidst a war of thousands of troops, responsible for each/and attack and using powerful heroic moves to personally dominate the battlefield. Alternatively heroes can act as generals on the battlefield, commanding troops directly or allowing the computer AI to determine the best tactics to use, in a truly strategic military battle; players are able to customise formations, recruits their own troops into their army and decide which two types they wish to lead.


Troops fall into a wide selection of different available units, from classic Infantry that are broken up into individual unit types e.g. Long Swordsman, Paladins, Orc Infantry, etc, similarly with Cavalry players can recruit Armoured Cavalry, Wind Riders, Dark Elf Horse Archers and more. With a wide range of troop types from Spearman, Air Units, Specialised troops such as Wizards and even “Baig Units” such as Ballista, Ogres, Juggernauts that dominate the battle but pale in comparison to the A Gigantic Unit that can crush units under foot as they tower high above the battlefield.


Currently Unknown

GENRE: Pay2Play Strategy RTS RPG
PLATFORM: Windows & PS4
DEVELOPER: Blueside Inc - Publisher Gameforge


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