GENRE: Free to play Strategy
PLATFORM: Web Browser - Facebook


Free to play and accessible directly through Facebook without the need of a download, Kinderdragons is a farming/breeding MMO meets team building Arena battle title where players must hatch, grow and train up their own dragon pets to fight against other real world players.


- Over 20 dragons to discover
- Breed different dragon types together to create new dragon types
- Manage your lands and construct different buildings
- Grow food to feed your dragons pets
- Put together a powerful combat team for PVP
- Free to play
- Browser/Facebook accessible


The core of the game revolves around trying to unlock different dragons either by purchasing eggs through the game store or breeding different dragon combinations to grow your own; with a choice of dragons players can then train them up and take them into PVP battles to earn various rewards. The main mechanics revolve around managing your Gold currency (used for purchasing items and buildings) and Food (grown from Farm buildings and used to level up dragons). Most actions in the game take a number of seconds, minutes or hours depending on how complex/high level the task, such as breeding dragons together, hatching an egg, clearing land of rocks and trees, or constructing new buildings; all of them take time and so players must manage their time effectively as well as use Gem premium currency to rush builds/tasks to completion.


There are over twenty dragons available in the game, each of which has either one or two “types” that it falls under, such as a Fire Dragon being a fire type, Plant Dragon being a plant type, or a Firebird Dragon being the combination of the two and giving it a plant-fire type. Each produces Gold at a different rate which players can collect to spend, as well as this they have their own name, skills and stats that can be increased by feeding the dragon various types of dragon food.


Players have a finite amount of land that they can construct different buildings on, they must clear out obstacles to access more land, as well as paying for expansion on their flying island or even purchasing access to new islands altogether. The number of buildings of a single type that a player can construct is based on their account level increased through XP.


With an Incubator building players are able to choose two different dragon types to breed and get them to produce a new type of dragon, as above there are various combinations that will allow for new types of dragon to be created. After a set amount of time, usually a few real world hours, an egg is produced from the two dragons, which must be then put into the Hatchery until it hatches into a new Dragon pup. The dragon pup must be placed into a Nest, standard Nests can only hold two dragons, which must match the same type as the dragon itself, i.e. a Fire Dragon must go into a Fire Nest, a Plant Dragon into a Plant Nest, whereas the Firebird Dragon can be put into either type.

Players do not need to breed Dragon Eggs themselves and they can be bought directly from the shops; the four main dragons (Plant, Rock, Water and Fire) can be purchased with Gold but the others require premium Gems.


When dragons are fed to upgrade them then they can be used to breed once level 4, but also improve their own skills and stats, directly increasing their Battle Power that shows how strong they are when compared against each other and another players dragons. Dragons can be further upgraded by attaching Gear to them in the form of armor parts, Gear can be earned by successfully winning the various PVP Combat matches.

Actual combat is automated and players do not actively get involved in the fight, however, in the case of Tournaments, players choose three dragons that they wish to fight with in the match, balancing the most powerful along with having Dragons of different types to try and match them up against their opponent. Dragons attack each other automatically, using their abilities, until one team has had all their dragons hitpoints reduced to zero.


Web Browser/ Facebook account


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