Jagged Alliance Online

Genre: Free to play Strategy MMORPG
Platform: Windows
Developed By: Cliffhanger Productions


this turn-based free to play strategy MMO can be played directly in your Internet browser and puts players up against sophisticated AI enemies through a variety of missions, over 100 available in total, which offers a tactical PVE challenge. Away from fighting enemy AI players can also engage in a sophisticated PvP system to see how they match up against other players.

Key Features

-          Exceptional 3-D graphics built with the Unity3D Engine

-          Over 100 missions taking you across the globe

-          Over 60 available mercenaries, each with their own attributes

-          Hundreds of available weapons and combat related gear

-          Build and expand your own player run headquarters

-          Tactical objective-based missions

-          Different AI opponents offered new challenges

-          Special PVP feature with built in honour ranking system


you are the leader of a squad of mercenaries and it is your duty to lead these troops to success through a number of challenging missions that take you to all corners of the world. Your journey begins where others there not tread. Train up your mercenaries, expand your own headquarters and head off on dangerous missions trusting in your own tactics and abilities.

Each mercenary has their own action abilities that they can perform during a mission such as shooting, sneaking, taking cover, etc. that are performed by spending action points, requiring concentration, thought and strategy. When backing base your mercenaries can heal themselves up, train your abilities or repair and craft new weapons and gear by using action points.

 System Requirement

Internet Browser


Web:  Jagged Alliance Online




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