Jade Dynasty


Genre: Free to play MMORPG
Platform: Windows
Developer: Perfect World


in Jade Dynasty players journey across the land as initiates, aligning themselves with one of five different factions, each of which has its own unique fighting style. The game is a mix of ancient Chinese history and mystical legends of the era where players will face off against mythical monsters in this fantastic 3-D fantasy MMORPG.

Key Features

-          Auto navigation lets players automatically make their way to a quest objective

-          Create your own army and level it up to unlock unique skills and ally yourself with other alliances to defeat your common enemies

-          Purchase or team your own pets that will fight alongside you in battle, each of which will grow, develop new skills and eventually die

-          Gallup materials and train up skills to craft weapons and armour

-          Upgrade your armour and weapons to increase their stats as well as changing the appearance of the item

-          Fly upon your own weapons as depicted in Chinese myth, showing the true sign of a martial arts master

-          Fight for rewards and honour in intense PVP battles

-          Fight each day in the fort battles where alliances acts as attackers or defenders, building offensive and defensive buildings and completing objectives to be victorious

-          Marry other players and earn unique romance skills

-          Unlock a wide variety of mounts that can fly and carry other players

-          Discover dangerous dungeons and venture within to fight enemies to earn exceptional loot

-          A variety of different quests, from Story Quests to Journey Quests that reward exploration, Treasure Hunting Quests using fragments of a map, Legendary Quests where players can pay homage to legends, Clan Chain Quests performed for your chosen clan faction to raise your standing with them, Monster Killing Quests where you are challenged to seek out and kill the most fearsome creatures in the land

Playable Factions/Classes

There are five default factions available, with two more added with the vengeance expansion pack.

Jadeon - primarily these initiates are Masters of ranged damage and have devastating area attacks, mitigated by their long casting times and lower defences making them much more vulnerable in close combat

Lupin - the disciples of this clan are known rogues, able to deal high amounts of damage and are blessed with a higher critical strike rate, which has burst some of the world’s greatest assassins

Modo - offensive castors that have a wide variety of spells available in their Arsenal such as damage over time attacks, curses, high damage new attacks which show them as being exceptional warlocks who are extremely powerful in later game but suffer in early levels

Skysong - these initiates are able to heal and buff their player companions, making them formidable allies books they can equally be a burden with their lack of defences and offensive abilities

Vim - these characters have high defences and are able to deal high amounts of damage to single opponents making them an ideal tank class, however their lack of ranged abilities leads them somewhat wanting at later levels

The two additional faction classes are the manipulating musicians of the Celan, able to count the minds of their enemies and also the deadly Rayan assassins, feared by everyone, even each other.

 System Requirement

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista

Processor: 1.5Ghz Pentium
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 128mb
Hard Drive: 4.0 GB


Web:  Jade Dynasty




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