Infinity Wars


GENRE: Free to play Trading Card Game
PLATFORM: Windows / Steam / Mac
DEVELOPER: Lightmare Studios


Infinity Wars with an exciting free to play cross platform online trading card game that takes many elements of classic physical TCG’s and mixes them with some classic MMO social features and online gameplay tweaks to bring a new generation of TCG to the genre. With its challenging game modes, various factions, a large pool of cards to choose from and unique battle features the game offers an almost unprecedented level of tactics and required strategy making a game that is easy to pick up and play but difficult to master.


- Fully animated cards
- Seven available factions to create your deck from
- Various cards with different functions: Character, Ability, Location and Artefact
- Multiple game modes to play through the different challenges
- Unique systems such as the Commander System and Morale
- Buy, sell and trade cards with other players
- Free to play


Players are able to play through the game and collect a variety of different cards that they can put into their deck, each card has a variety of different actions that they can perform in battle, depending on the card type, such as a Character Card which is the base of any army and typically has an attack value and hit points. Players face each other in 1V1 combat, with a large variation of features and rule sets available to create interesting and unique battles.


In Infinity Wars there are currently 7 different factions that players can create their deck from, players are not bound by their initial chosen faction and can choose to build their deck from a combined variation of multiple factions:

Flame Dawn (FD) - this focusing on an unexpected utility using their ability cards this faction can deal considerably more damage early on and other factions, empowering their mid-game if they are not dealt with quickly and making them a formidable opponent the longer game goes on

Genesis Industries (GD) - focusing on a synergy and unity between the cards in their deck their main strategy is to disrupt tempo and are all about using key cards at just the right time to strengthen Characters making them almost invulnerable

The Warpath (WP) - the court a successful strategy using this faction is trying to overwhelm the opponent and dominate the battlefield by taking over using character-based victories and accelerating their options early on

The Cult of Verore (CV) - the Cult focus on killing, regardless of where and opponents troops are placed on the battlefield they focus on using the slow put extremely powerful Demons that create a direct threat to the enemy with their removal and damage focused spells

Descendants of the Dragon (DOD) - focusing on more defensive play than other factions, the DOD are able to attain victory without ever dealing damage to their enemy opponents focusing more on dropping their Morale and gaining victory that way

Sleepers of Avarrach (SOA) - the faction focuses on using zombies and robots to reanimate their fallen characters and uses creation, stall and card control tactics, as well as graveyard manipulation to continuously harass and manipulate their opponents

The Exiles (EX) - a particularly chaotic faction to play with they focus on sacrifice and death and the discard affects that they can utilise have a strong synergy with the sacrifice mechanics making them able to disrupt typical “normal” gameplay that players are used to


There are various game modes, formats and speeds that players have access to when creating their own game that can greatly change the tactics needed when in battle:

Standard - using a typical customise deck for playing a match, this typically considered to be the normal way to play the game

Merged - here each players individual customise deck is merged to create one large communal deck that both players draw their cards from, causing a situation where players must be more versatile in playing with cards that they are not typically used to using


One of the more intriguing features of the game is the Morale System, working in many ways like a secondary health pool, where health is depleted from direct attacks by the enemy onto the player the Morale depicts the situation on the actual battlefield. Each Character card has their own individual Morale value, representing how big an influence they have in the battle, the bigger the influence the more Morale they are responsible for and if they die in battle this value is removed from the players overall Morale score. Lose enough troops and your armies’ Morale will drop solo that they will forfeit the battle unable to continue!






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