Genre: Free to play Social MMORPG
Platform: Windows
Developed By: IMVU


In this free to play virtual world players are able to create their own 3-D avatars in a completely social online environment where they can meet, interact and talk to millions of other members in fun and unique 3-D environments. Buy new clothes and dressed your avatar however you like with your own personal style, players even have their own private areas that they can decorate and call home.

Main Features

-          Shop through the extensive catalogue which holds more than 3 million different items, from clothes, accessories, hairstyles and more, that can be purchased and give to your IMVU avatar

-          Hang out in unique 3-D rooms with hundreds of different people and meet new friends

-          Create your own 3-D and 2-D designs and place them into the IMVU catalogue to sell to other players, make everything from fashion, rooms and furniture and become a renowned designer

-          Own and decorate your own 3-D space where you can host your very own parties and invites other players to join you

Player Catalogue

With one of the world’s largest catalogues of virtual goods made up of over 3 million different items with thousands added daily, the majority of which are created and added to it by the games players. The catalogue is the best place to go to purchase 2-D stickers and a variety of 3-D items that can be used to customise not only your avatar but also your own private living space where you can buy everything from clothing, hairstyles, cars and a whole manner of decorative furniture for your place.

System Requirement

Internet Connection



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