Hyper Universe

Hyper Universe

GENRE: Free to play MOBA


Hyper Universe is a MOBA MMO with the added twist of being a 2D platformer in style, providing beat-em-up quality combat such as that seen in Street Fighter and even Smash Bros Brawl, players fight each other across various floors in intense battles whilst trying to destroy their rival teams turret towers to claim victory.


- 4 vs 4 Team Battles
- MOBA based objectives
- 2D Beat-em-up Combat
- Over 20 reimagined iconic characters
- Jungle Camps and Boss Spawns
- Customize characters with items
- 100% F2P


Whilst looking like a 2D side scrolling platform title, Hyper Universe is very much a MOBA game and features many staples of the MOBA genre such as pushing waves of minions into enemy towers to soak shots so that players can destroy the structure. Last hitting on minions to gain gold that allows players to upgrade their gear, jungle camps and challenging bosses in the outer uppermost and lowest floors, classic three abilities with a fourth "ultimate" skill.


There are over twenty available Hypers to choose from in the game that take on classic roles in a group as tank, support, ranged DPS and others; each equipped with unique abilities such as the ice mage's blizzards and snowballs that can freeze opponent's in place; or the Red Storm Ranger (pretty much the Red Power Ranger) that is able to summon his pink, blue, yellow and black "Storm Ranger" allies during his attacks. There are numerous iconic characters in the game from popular culuture that had been redesigned for the game, including the likes of Bruce Lee, Samus Aran (the Metroid protagonist), Super Girl and many others. As well as their own abilities each Hyper has a unique Ultimate skill that they gain access to once they reach level 6, and can further customize themselves at the start of a match by equipping different items and upgrading them with gold earned in game through last hitting minions.


The map layout is key to the game, as a 2D map instead of having traditional lanes as you would see in other MOBA, instead there are different levels/floors that players move between. The innermost floors, and the floor where players spawn on, is where the bulk of the fighting occurs with the minion waves and turrets found here; outlying floors have jungle camps that when destroyed grant buffs, and the top seventh floor and bottom first floor is where players can locate the Boss camps that grant even stronger boosts. Players are able to move up and down between floors using teleporters, jump pads and ladders; allowing players to not only reach the jungle areas, but also try and flank around their opponents and get behind them and blocking their retreat in the hopes of getting a gank.


Combat is extremely fast paced and feels more like a beat-em-up arcade game than a classic MOBA, with the 2D graphics and aerial acrobatics, players will mash quick combos and work together with their teammates in a 4 vs 4 brawl battle. Players only use the keyboard to control their characters and perform attacks, as well as using their items, all of which are on cooldowns so players need to time their attacks right. The game features out of combat healing where players will instantly start regenerating health when they have gone a set amount of time not taking damage, allowing players to jump back into combat quickly without much base downtime.




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