Heroes in the Sky


Genre: Free to play Action MMOTPS
Platform: Windows
Developer: GameUs


That game is an action packed third person aerial shooter that has a blend of fast-paced PVE and high impact PVP set to the backdrop of WWII. PVP has been brought to a whole new level where players must be aware of their surroundings 360° where attacks can come from any direction in the form of machine guns, missiles, cannon fire and bombs as 16 players battle for the ultimate air superiority. Air to ground combat is fully accessible in heroes in the sky where cities can be bombed, naval vessels sunk all whilst fighting in air to air dogfights.

Game Modes

The Campaign Mode: here players are dropped into the major scenarios that to place in WWII as either the Allies or the Axis in both the Pacific and European fronts. Players compete against waves of AI enemy fighters, bomb military installations and defend their fleeing allies.

Players can tackle missions in Co-op mode of play them solo, but later missions are considerably harder and will test the mettle of even the best pilots.

Attack and Defend: here players go head-to-head in 8v8 combat where each team has their own specific mission to complete at a critical time during WWII, where been successful in the allotted time will determine victory or defeat.

Skirmish Mode: hauling up to 16 players this mode of those that like a good old-fashioned death match where players can go solo or team up with their friends in battle over randomly spawning items that will give players an extra edge in battle.

Occupational War: an intensive battle between two teams set on the Pacific front of the European front in two dramatic scenarios that will force teams to attack and defend using strategy, tactics and all-out firepower.

Raid Mode:  the game designed to find in test the very best pilots wear four teams of four players go up against each other in exciting heart pounding combat where death really does mean game over with no respawn available.


The game gives access to over 50 different planes for both Allied and Axis forces giving over 100 available planes, excluding premium planes and bombers as well as the available game avatars.

Fighters - the very backbone of any air force that see the most front-line combat, their versatility matched with their pilots skills means these planes can see many types of missions and typically find themselves in the middle of battle.

Gunners - these planes act as the main support class for their companions where those players that man gunners revive their fallen comrades, convert damage to health and temporarily stop enemies from shooting.

Bombers - primary support needed for any air to ground combat, these huge flying monoliths can unleash a barrage of bombs to wipe out land vehicles, ground troops and even level buildings. Combined with their aerial mine weapon they are deadly to those on the ground and in the sky.

Premiums - provided from a list of experimental aircraft these planes evolve with their own over a variety of upgrades of the player levels up offering a more customisable aircraft without being game breaking when comparing them to the standard classes.

Avatars - using avatars players can apply a different cosmetic skin to their aircraft in comparison to its actual playing time, meaning players can choose a plane that best suits their style of play but dress it up to look like a plane whose design they prefer.

System Requirement

Operating System: Win XP / Win Vista
Processor: Pentium 4 – AMD 2500+
Memory: 512MB RAM
Graphics: Radeon 9600 or Geforce FX 5600





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  1. mouse53 June 1, 2014 at 4:22 AM -

    Half the sign up page is in Dutch, unless you read Dutch how are you supposed to sign up? I had an account, but need password, they are asking some bizarre questions that I have no idea what they are talking about. So I guess they don’t want me to play.

  2. mouse53 June 1, 2014 at 4:24 AM -

    Extraction is Dirty bomb now.

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