Heroes of Gaia

Genre: Free to play strategy MMORPG
Platform: Web Browser
Developer: Suzhou Snail


This browser-based fantasy MMO RPG reveals a unique online universe and combines it with tactical gameplay that is inspired by classic PC games. In Heroes of Gaia players are placed into one of the four main warring factions (Elves, Humans, Undead or Orcs) and are responsible for constructing a mighty castles, recruiting brave heroes, train up huge armies and embarking on epic quests as they do battle with both players and enemy AI will stop

Key Features

-          Completely free to play

-          Instant access, play in your web browser with no client download necessary

-          In-depth fantasy world

-          Huge friendly community

-          Fully dynamic graphical battles between AI and players

Playable Races

There are four available races that players can choose to play as in the game:

Elves: typically a forest dwelling people that prefer their solitude and keeping out of the affairs of the other races they are still had their share of conflict, particularly with the humans, both on and off the battlefield. Cohabitation of the country of Avily and diplomatic disputes built up pressure between the two races that culminated in a battle that the elves came out on top of.

Humans: rulers of the most powerful country in the land it was with the assassination of their former King that their unmatched supremacy began to waver as many of the smaller, rival races began to revolt against the somewhat oppressive humans.

Orcs: for a time the Orcish kingdom was spread across most of the lands of Entagarich, though subservient to their wizard rulers. A fight for their independence broke them free, but the death of their leader meant they had to swear fealty to the humans. As the years passed and the Age of Recovery came about, the orcs have once more claimed their independence free from any rulers.

Undead: Though filled with constant infighting as various undead wizards, twisted into malevolent undead, fight for control of the undead throne, the Undead are a powerful faction regardless. Another enemy that fought the humans, their efforts to claim their own lands were repelled, but the undead have plenty of time on their hands to try again in their conquests.

System Requirement

Web Browser and Java






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