Hailan Rising


Set in a post-apocolyptic world Hailan is the smaller of nine continents that made up the world, flanked by Sayla which was the home of the elves a great flood was brought upon the world by an evil Dark Elf mage that drowned out all but the mountain range of Highroad found at the heart of Hailan.
Now the primary inhabitants of Hailan, the humans and the orcs, fight against the threats of Hailan and against each other as they are thrust into each other’s world where land is in short supply; choose a faction and fight for your people!


Hailan Rising is a free to play fantasy based MMORPG with strong elements of PvP but shies away from the more classical character development of levels and class restrictions, instead adopting a more skill based system where players are able to learn any combat abilities from the different available trees using the Etherea system.


- No levels or class, skill bases system for unique character concepts
- Frantic and exciting PvP
- Gear and spell buffs define your stats
- Etherea System allows players to choose skills from all available skill trees
- Available player housing


PvP is a key feature of Hailan and has incorporated a number of systems within the game to ensure PvP players are not left wanting; fast paced combo building battles, adopting stuns, crowd control and high damage and defence abilities depending on your chosen build. Players can compete against each other and try to climb their way up the ranking system for glory or head over to the full loot servers for a bigger challenge where upon dying as well as losing some ranking points your character drops all their equipment. Worry not, respawning is pretty quick and gives you the chance to get back into the fray to try and recover your lost items.

Large wars battling over contested territories are sure to appease those players who love mass combat, and region is a hurdle that has been done away with as people can engage in cross-server PvP competitions. When taking some down time from PvP players can head over to the free zones to take on the AI in some PvE and gain some much needed Etherea Shards.


Without any classes or character levels Hailan focuses on armed gear and buffs to determine what a players stats are, giving an instant feeling of usefulness to all new players who even when entering the world for the first time can jump straight into battle and be a useful ally to a team of older players.

The game’s Etherea system lets players choose from various skill trees, be it magical, physical or the utility tree, by using Etherea Shards, which in itself opens up the potential to millions of character templates. Every player has access to their own Etherea Tablet and there are a total of 46 combat abilities that can be selected and inserted into a 10 slot hotbar, the beauty about the system is that these abilities are available from day one and do not need to earned, but can be further improved by collecting Etherea Shards from mobs.


Typically magic spells are AOE type attacks that attack multiple targets in an area, but the spells can be used offensively and defensively with some tactical choices and range from elemental attacks, buffs and healing spells. No weapon is required to perform magical attacks and spells draw from the magic rating of your character.

Utility abilities are generally seen as non-combat, but they help support your character and still make them more capably in PvP, with a whole host of choices from increasing speed, combo building and healing abilities the Utilities offer various perks that will help you survive the rigors of battle.

Often requiring the use of a weapon to channel the ability, Physical abilities draw from a character’s attack rating, which in turn can also be buffed making them formidable opponents.


Players are able to band together and form their own guilds, once more the developers have done away with the restrictions and so there is no minimum size for having a guild. With areas on the map that guilds can take ownership of, and the ability to raid opposing settlements, there is much fun to be had in both PvE and PvP when joining a guild.


OS: Windows XP (32-bit)/ Vista/ 7 or 8
CPU: Intel Core2 Duo E6750 or equivalent
HDD: 500 MB available space
Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD 3870 or nVidia GeForce 8800GT
Reloaded Productions


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