Guardians of Divinity

Guardians of Divinity

GENRE: Free to play RPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


A free to play browser based RPG Guardians of Divinity plays like many other traditional Asian developed RPG s, released now for the western market, utilizing many familiar concepts, mechanics and features typical of the genre the game does have exceptional detailed and wonderfully designed graphics with lush environments and intriguing character concepts that makes the game stand out.


  • Three classes to choose from

  • Quest based story driven adventure

  • Morph into powerful gods

  • Level up your character by fighting evil creatures

  • Blacksmith feature to enhance gear

  • Acquire mounts, wings, titles and more to improve your character

  • Browser based gameplay

  • Free to play


At its core Guardians of Divinity concentrates on players levelling up their character in the early game and unlocking features as they progress through the RP/story portion of the game, working towards the end game content which focuses on more challenging and competitive PVE and PVP. Many of the mechanics focus on various ways to improve your characters stats, gear and other buffs, with an emphasis on making your character powerful to compete against other players and conquer the PVE events in the game.


There are three character classes to play in the game: a Warrior male, a Mage female and an Archer female, all characters are listed as Ranged character with High Attack, only the Warrior absorbs damage, the Archer is skilled with high damage and the Mage has high AOE damage. Players class selection determines their base skills and stats and also their main character for when they start working alongside other players and companions.


A character’s strength is determined by their level, which defines their base stats, but Gear plays a huge factor in the game and acquiring new pieces will increase the players “CP” rating, a numerical indicator of how powerful they are in combat. A variety of features revolve around increasing this CP rating such as the Blacksmith that allows you to level up your gear, Enhancing it up to an equal level as your character, levelling up Skills, levelling up collected Deities in the Astrology feature and more.


The main storyline revolves around the opening of Pandoras box and your character being asked by Odin to restore peace in the chaos, players do not have to act alone and along the way will gain the services of many deities from various ancient pantheons including Nordic, Greek, Roman and Egyptian. Some deities will join the player as a companion, however others become available for players to Morph into and gain additional abilities beyond their class powers. Some of the Gods have a more futuristic twist on them, particularly with the introduction of Prometheus and the Atlantians, and some later quests even begin to take players into “The Void” where you convert into a sort of sentient space vessel and battle against strange creatures floating around in space.


There is a strong element of automation with the game, particularly in the forms of auto-pathing where players can click hyperlinks in the quest log to automatically run to the needed quest location or NPC; when completing a series of quests your character will automatically run from one place to the next then engage in combat for fully automated battles. Players are able to control what aspects of combat are automated such as being able to use your Mount’s abilities, healing potions, resurrection devices and more. The game is only one step short of playing itself, unlike other games from the genre, quest chat boxes with NPC quest givers do not automatically accept after a period of time, which would essentially let the game play itself, but instead players must physically click the “claim rewards” button to progress.


There are a variety of events in the game to play, which yield great rewards, these include a variety of logins to claim bonuses and currency, Boss Maps to fight powerful Bosses, Group Dungeons which have some of the most difficult content in the game culminating in a powerful boss fight and here players can create rooms and jump into battles with other players in the game.


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