GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Gronenland ―Berserker (french), Kraina Wikingów (polish), Vikingler Diyari (turkish)― is a free to play browser-based MMO RPG where players embark on an epic Viking quest. Starting out life as a humble Viking players must arm their character with weapons and gear, train skills, take on quests and jobs to earn gold and prove themselves in the arena against other players.


-          Level up your own Viking warrior
-          complete quests for gold and XP
-          by weapons, armour and potions from the village vendors
-          journey around the world from village to village
-          fight against other players in the arena
-          play in your browser without a client download
-          completely free to play



Players start out life as a low-level Viking village in the village of Bonoxus. The aim of the game is to increase your characters abilities and skills and make them as powerful as possible, increasing their various stats such as strength, damage, attack value, physique, intelligence and more.

Players are able to buy new skills to increase their weapon attacks, starting with either axe attacks or swords, increase their equipment and abilities so that they can wear stronger and more defensive armour and accessories to gain better rings, amulets and backpacks. Players are also able to purchase new “Activities” upgrades that will allow them to do things such as have more fights in a day than normal or increased their recovery time, travelled than and work time, et cetera.


The village is made up of a number of different areas:

Tavern - here players can pick up new quests that will give them XP and gold as well as advancing the general storyline. Quests will take an amount of time to finish as shown by a timer, but can be immediately finished by spending fire crystals (the games premium currency).

Depot - players are able to use this as a bank deposit their gold out of the reach of attacking players, as well as player is attacked and loses a battle they lose gold that they have on them.

Potions - here players can buy different potions such as healing potions to recover health, complete quests faster or unlock special coloured quests in the tavern.

Dealer - armour and weapons are for sale here where players can spend the majority of their gold, and in some cases fire crystals. Weapons and armour will directly increase the abilities of your Viking.

Work - take on different workers to earn some extra gold on the side, as with quests these taken amount of time to complete that can be rushed with crystals.

Arena - here players can see a list of other players and attack them, if successful then they will take a portion of a player’s gold that they currently have on them, however if they fail in their attack and are defeated they will lose their own gold. Combat is completely automated and is a simple exchange of blows back and forth between the players until one of them has renounced of hit points.


There are plenty of other villages to visit around the world, each with their own quest chains and items to purchase. Travelling from village to village takes real time, so players can either logout whilst the timer runs down and come back later or use some fire crystals to travel immediately.


For some of gold players are also able to create their own Guild or join one if available, creating a more social dynamic to the game which is emphasised by the chat channel that people can talk to each other in.


Web Browser


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