Glory of Gods

Genre: Free to play Action MMORPG
Platform: Windows
Developer: Boyojoy


In Glory of Gods players will band together to fight against monsters, Demons and Gods across a stunning fantasy action-based MMO RPG. As one of four different classes you will battle your way through various dungeons, take on fearsome world bosses, compete against other players and explore this vast world of epic adventure.

Key Features

- A fast-paced action MMO RPG of Gods versus Demons
- Explore a vast and beautiful setting
- Four different classes to choose from: warrior, rogue, mage and priest
- Fight against other players in PvP arenas
- Explore dangerous dungeons and fight world bosses
- Earn your own mount, from horses, bears and ligers to dragons and unicorns
- Use the magic forge craft system to enhance your own items


When Demons invaded relatively peaceful continent of the Masure Mainland in was the ancient dragons that rally together the races of humans and sprites, bestowing upon them divine power and helping them forge an alliance to fight back the Demon invaders. Though successful in their task some of those who had been instrumental in the defence then set their own sights on dominating the land in the likes of Rophenk and Amora rose up to claim the lands of their own. These two were unsuccessful in their attempts and in return were exiled to the continent of Devil’s Carlo.

Unfortunately it was here that they were able to forge a pact with the Demon Lord Gorena, agreeing to release him from his prison in exchange for the rule of his Demon army. At now once more the Masure Mainland stands at the brink of war once more.

Playable Classes

There are four playable classes within Glory of Gods:

The Warrior: gifted with a divine strength they are strong protectors and at the forefront of any battle

The Rogue: agile assassins cloaked in darkness the strike quickly and deadly

The Mage: able to harness the force of the universe itself, whether physical strength is lacking their elemental destruction is unmatched

The Priest: the faithful are gifted the ability to heal and cure their companions and are the champions of life

Soul Feature
In the game players are able to acquire a “soul” once they attain a specific level, these souls act as guardian companions that will manifest themselves in battle, particularly in PVE, and help the player as a secondary fighter whilst also providing boosts to their character. There are 16 souls to choose from divided into four different categories, each of which has their own look and place style and can be levelled up by earning XP for them as well as equips with soul specific gear and items.


Team up with other players and tackle intense and difficult dungeons, fighting through scores of terrifying monsters as you delve deeper into dark and foreboding dungeons. Use your skills and strategy to outwit and outmanoeuvre monsters and Demons as you make your way through these unholy caves and Crypts in search of glory and rewards.

Player Versus Player Combat

Players are able to enjoy pitting their wits against each other in the arena PVP battles where players can try to hone their skills and show off their tactics and abilities. Players are matched up against each other using their PVP points value and after queuing for a fight will enter the arena and have 10 minutes to try and kill each other, which will yield points appropriately.

At the end of the week the top 20 ranked players in the arena are able to join the weekend finals at midnight on Sunday, and automatic pairing system that world work as a knockout until an Arena Champion is declared and showered with titles and gold.

Players are also able to join in a Guild War, providing they have join a Guild, here the defending team must protect their Guild Prince from being killed by the attacking opposition Guild. If after 30 minutes the Guild Prince is still alive the defending team wins, whereas if he is killed by the attacking team then they are declared the winners.


Whilst the game is completely free to play players have the chance of paying for VIP cards, which consist of a Weekly VIP Card (10 days), Monthly VIP Card (30 days) and a Six Month VIP Card (180 days). VIPs are marked in game when they speak in channels, with a colour that represents what level of VIP they are, but more importantly offers a number of different boosts, bonuses and benefits including using runes of town portal, free crystals every day, extra XP when off-line, a remote store, extra battlefield honour and much, much more. The % bonus that a player will receive increases depending on the level of VIP Card they have purchased.

System Requirement



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