Global Agenda

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Windows / Web Browser
DEVELOPER: Iron Will Games


Global Agenda is a free to play sci-fi themed shooter where players can choose from for different futuristic classes for all-out action packed warfare from developers Hi-Rez studios that brought us popular MMOs Tribes Ascend and Smite. The game started as a subscription-based MMO, then transferred to pay to play and has now gone completely free to play. The game mixes shooter with RPG quests and a persistent world to create a unique futuristic environment.


- Four available classes
- Character customization
- Free to roam persistent world to explore
- Hundreds of available quests to earn rewards and XP
- Fly around with jetpacks
- Exciting team based PvP in Agency v Agency battles


In a world trying to recover from the aftermath of World War III a government has risen up to unite the world under one banner; the Commonwealth. This evil, oppressive regime seek to control its people instead of leading them and so now you, an elite rebel agent, must do all you can to bring down the Commonwealths’ tyrannical rule.


There are four different classes that players can choose from, choosing between male and female characters, each class offering a completely different play style and making an essential component to any team:

Robotics - the Robotics agent is armed with the most up-to-date technologies and is able to laydown force fields and turrets on the battlefield and is an extremely powerful support class that can help push the team forward using their remote-controlled drones.

Medic - a good team is often only as strong as their medic, holding up the rear defences and making sure that the troops pushing forward are able to stay on their feet. Armed with powerful healing abilities as well as some attack potential they are still capable combatants.

Recon - using both their speed and stealth they are able to subvert enemy patrols and get to the rear forces and on leash powerful ambushes against single targets. With an array of abilities from sniping, setting traps or backstabbing in melee they seek out an enemy teams weak points.

Assault - these heavy weapon specialists where the strongest most durable armour and shields giving them high defences and the ability to unleash powerful barrage attacks when leading the team into battle.


Players are able to customise their characters faces from a number of different options using different skin tones, hairstyles and facial features.


when first loading into the game players are guided into a tutorial mode that will teach them the basics and more advanced manoeuvres that can be performed during the game as well as opening up a little more of the storyline.


Players advance through the game by taking on a variety of different quests that will progress them through various areas across the world. Typically these will be delivery quests or passing information to other NPC’s been sent to hunt down various mobs and creatures to recover items in typical theme park MMORPG fashion. In handing in a quest players will gain items, gold and XP.


When players level up they gain extra skill points that they can allocate into the different skill trees available to their class. Each class has access to 3 different trees that they can allocate a single point in to unlock that skill so that players can create their own builds to best suit their preferred style of play. Players are free to reset their skill points at any time with a click of a button so that they can try out different builds and experiments to create different characters.


PU: 2.4+ Ghz Single-Core Processor
VGA: NVIDIA 7800GT+, or ATI Radeon 9800+
DX: Directx 9+
OS: Windows XP SP2+, Windows Vista SP1+
HDD: 15 GB Free Space


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