Game of Thrones Ascent

Developer: Disruptor Beam
Platform: Internet browsers


Game of Thrones Ascent is a social, browser-based strategy MMORPG based on George R.R. Martin’s best-selling novels A Song of Ice and Fire and the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Players will build their noble house, embark on quests and join one of the major houses within Westeros to rise in power and claim the Iron Throne for themselves. The game also offers the opportunity to interact with key characters from the series and create brand new events and characters set within the world.


Recently bestowed the title of a nobleman in Westeros, the player is also given lands by King Robert Baratheon. Whether becoming a bannerman to the Starks or the Lannisters, or even secretly supporting the Targaryens, they know that they cannot refuse direct requests from the Crown. When the Hand of the King Lord Jon Arryn asks players to perform a simple task, they know that they must.

At the moment, he’s looking for a prostitute’s son named Derryk, so players set off to visit a brothel in King’s Landing but the boy and his mother are nowhere to be found. Little did they know that such a simple request would place them at the heart of treachery, quickly caught up in a struggle for power among the Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms.


- social, strategic RPG gameplay
- interaction with others through battles, trade and intrigue
- continuous character improvement
- players’ choices have consequences for the world and themselves
- regular addition of content and features
- no download required


In Game of Thrones Ascent, players will need to manage resources ranging from items to people and currencies in order to perform tasks and set up productions. Acquiring resources is possible through different ways, and various missions and quests will appear that players have to complete in order to further advance the storyline. Every action involves a choice and each decision made will lead to adverse consequences, affecting rewards, power, house relations, as well as alignment.


The game allows players to swear alliance to one of these major houses in Westeros:

House Tagaryen
With violet eyes and silver hair, the kings and queens of old rode in on dragons and set aflame all who opposed them. They wed brother to sister to keep the bloodline pure. With near-infinite patience, Targaryen vassals can endure the yoke of the usurper and kneel to false monarchs while working from the shadows to gather allies and send support to the rightful heirs.

House Baratheon
The heirs of the Storm King, the Baratheons took over the reign when the regime of the dragons fell. Baratheon bannermen are determined warriors, fierce on the battlefield as well as in their friendships. They are always ready to charge into an attack, even if they must ignore such trifling concerns as a proper defence.

House Greyjoy
Greyjoys are also called the Ironborn and live to fight, to sail, and to take what they want by force of arms. They are the line of the Grey King and preserve their ancient traditions. Their rebellion squashed, they prepare to rise and rule again.

House Lannister
Unparalleled in running the engines of economy, the Lannisters’ power and influence cannot be overstated. Fealty to them provides great returns, and loyalty is richly rewarded. Loyal Lannister vassals know how to wield their gold to good effect.

House Stark
Cold and hardened by the northern territories they inhabited, the Starks know how to fight and how to survive. Stark vassals are recognized for unwavering loyalty, prowess in battle, and bafflement at the intrigues of the southern court.


Game of Thrones Ascent requires players to make moral choices which will have consequences and frequently involve shades of grey beyond the simple “good versus evil”. They can even change the world and the player’s character.

Decisions also influence the player’s alignment, their representation of the aggregate choices of what they have done and how they did it. Alignment affects how others treat you, who asks for aid, and what choices players have available in the future. Other players may also choose to work with or against each other depending on whether their alignment coincides with their own goals.

Player will distinguish themselves by tradition, duty, and integrity.

In the tradition axis of alignment, players may opt for the old ways that represent personal justice and the stories of the First Men, or the new ways that embody chivalry and the Faith of the Seven.

The family alignment of the duty axis represents the priority players place on their house, themselves, and those close to them, while the realm alignment shows their inclination towards the kingdom and the greater good.

The integrity axis allows players to be cunning, which means they look for advantage in any situation, or truthful, where they are straightforward and direct.


The game revolves around three core categories of action: battle, trade and intrigue. As players develop their power, they will need to decide whether to focus on one of these three areas or to attempt combine them into a unique approach to power.

In addition, Game of Thrones Ascent enables to join a player alliance or form one of your own. Alliance members may socialize, communicate, and coordinate their activities. When entering into conflicts with other alliances, riches and glory will go to the victors.

For a more personal commitment, it is also possible to form pacts directly with specific players. The most important pacts in Westeros involve marriage. In Game of Thrones Ascent, players can marry each other and enter into betrothal pacts to marry their children to the children of other characters, which yields its own advantages.


Internet connection
Web browser
Latest Flash Player version
Latest drivers for graphics and sound card


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