First Look at Game of Thrones: Ascent


This weekend we checked out Game of Thrones: Ascent from Disruptor Beam, a free to play browser-based RPG meets strategy where players get to form their own noble House and compete against other players for position, title and power in the lands of Westeros. Filled with characters, places and lore from the Game of Thrones TV show/A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the game offers an interactive story driven game that feels like you are part of the experience.

For our First Look we established the House Goodfellow as Lord Roderick Goodfellow, first of his name, where we got to choose which of the High Noble Houses we wanted to swear allegiance to as we slowly build up our new lands. Check out the video to see just what the game is all about and how we got on and letters know what you think in the comments.


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