First Assault

First Assault

GENRE: Free to play Shooter MMO


Based on the popular manga anime Ghost in the Shell, First Assault is a free to play MMOFPS focusing on team based battles with unique characters from the series, fighting over a number of maps and different exciting game modes.


- Choose from 6 Ghost in the Shell characters
- Use your characters unique skills
- Share skills between teammates with SkillSync
- Build up your own gear loadouts
- Various maps and game modes
- Fast and exciting PVP gameplay
- Free to play


At its core First Assault is a team based shooter with high levels of customization, coordination and cooperation; with its SkillSync ability the game increased the level of communication that players should have with each other to be successful and take advantage of the system. A handful of maps of locations in the show as well as a mixed bag of game modes offers a strategic and intense PVP game requiring skill and strategy.


Players have six characters from the anime to play as, each of which as a unique Skill, which is built up over time by earning Intel from kills, assists and completing objectives. One the Intel gauge is filled players can use their Tier 1 ability; by earning more Intel through kills they can unlock an improved Tier 2 ability.

Motoko – the de facto leader of Public Security Section 9 she is almost completely cyberized with the exception of part of her brain and spine. Her Skill is the ability to use Therm-Optic Camo, offering her a slight invisibility to the enemy that resembles a blur, her Tier 2 increases the overall effectiveness of the Camo.

Saito – a poker faced soldier he is one of the best snipers in S9 despite the fact he has very little cyberized components, though his eye allows him to connect to a satellite as part of his skill that shows enemy heat signatures through walls allowing him to line up the perfect snipe.

Batou – an ex-military solider he is a big man with a big personality and a love for machines; so much so that as his skill he has a hidden Arm Launcher capable of firing off a missile at Tier 1, or two missiles at Tier 2.

New characters can be unlocked as players gain XP from fighting in matches, levelling up their rank and reaching rank milestone that give them another free slot to gain access to a new character.


One of the games’ unique features is the ability for teammates to share skills with each other, when unlocking their Tier 2 they can opt to share their Tier 1 version with nearby allies in a sync mode, adding additional utility and tactics to the team overall.


There are currently three game modes to play:

Team Deathmatch – fight the enemy in team based combat, respawning after each death, the team that racks up the most kills is the winner.

Demolition – one team must plant a bomb at one of two available bomb locations on the map, only one bomb can be planted and if it explodes before being deactivated then the team win, if deactivated then the defending team wins; players do not respawn if they are killed and so eliminating all the enemy team can also win the game. Players switch roles as both attackers and defenders.

Terminal Conquest – team based battles to occupy and capture control points spread across the map, only one terminal is activated at a time and both teams must fight over it, the first team that secures three terminals in the match.


Characters can be customized and diversified to a players individual playstyle; each character comes with an initial loadout suitable to their skill, but with creativity players can make their own combinations of weapons and gear by earning GP when playing in matched to purchase new items. Weapons come with various attachments and components that, when used in a battle, earn TP and are upgraded to improve their qualities making players more powerful in subsequent matched. Players are able to unlock additional prizes with a random card that they turn over at the end of a match to add an item of gear to their inventory.


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