Empire: Revenant

Empire: Revenant

GENRE: Free to play Hero Building RPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


A free to play browser based MMO set in our own ancient history where players must help lead their Empire to victory in a war campaign defeating famous leaders throughout history such as Xerxes, Ramses II and more. Build up your team of Hero generals, command a powerful army, and show the world that you are the greatest Empire the world has ever seen in this PVE and PVP focused MMO.


- Choose from three different factions: Persian, Roman or Greek
- Recruit Heroes to lead your armies
- Equip your Heroes with powerful gear
- Use strategic formations to overcome your opponents
- PVE content in a long campaign or elite boss battles
- PVP combat in the Arena
- Free to play
- Browser gameplay


The core gameplay revolves around players acquiring powerful Heroes to lead their army and upgrading them to improve the teams overall Battle Rating, a numerical indicator of how powerful you are based on your heroes, upgrades, gear and more. Players will battle through automated combat encounters, using team management strategy to ensure the best heroes are in the best position for their formation and keeping them upgraded as they advance onto greater and more deadly encounters.


Heroes can be recruited from the Tavern feature, this is done by a randomiser that will give you a random Hero from the list, each Hero comes in various rarities/qualities from Green (lowest), Blue, Purple or Gold (Highest). Their quality generally determines their stats, primarily their Attack, Defense and Army (their hitpoints), but each Hero also has various factors that makes it more unique, everything from the type of unit it is (Infantry, Calvary, Archer, etc.) to the types of Skill it uses in combat.


One of the most important features in the game is the Array, this is the formation of your assembled Heroes and the positions they will fight in when in combat. The Array grid is a three by three formation grid that Heroes can be placed into, when starting out players only have one position and so can only fight with one Hero, as they level up their main character/account they will unlock more features in the game as well as more positions in the Array to ultimately fight with more of their collected Heroes.

As combat is completely automated, with all Heroes and their respective units attacking in turns, in general a Hero will attack the enemy Hero directly in front of them in a similar three by three Array grid. Some of the skills Heroes have are powerful single unit attacks that deal a lot of damage, others allow the Hero to attack directly on the back line (usually defended by more powerful defensive front line Heroes) or allow them to attack all the enemy units directly in front of them, and so positioning of a players units in their own Array is very important.


Both Heroes and their gear can be upgraded to make them stronger, and improving the overall BR of the team. By earning and spending silver from different events and the main PVE campaign players can Train their Heroes to improve their stats or equip them with various items of gear and upgrade them in the Forge; like Heroes each item has its own quality/rarity, with six different gear slots per hero.


As players level up they will unlock more and more events that can be completed to give them various rewards, as well as improving their Fame and Status in the game and climb a public leaderboard to display their prowess on the server. Players can fight in PVE against boss type encounters, or against other players facing their assembled teams in the Arena and battling it out for rank and rewards.


The game is free to play and has an optional VIP system that players advance through each time they “Recharge”, i.e. spending real world money to buy in game currency, but their VIP level also gives them a variety of other perks in addition to extra currency.


Web Browser


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