Elysian War

GENRE: RPG Strategy
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Free to play and accessible through web browsers, Elysian War is a turn-based strategy game where the Greek Gods fight and you must save the realm of Elysian. In the game, players must recruit mighty Generals to take into battle against the forces of Hades, ruler of the underworld, and Chronos the master of time. With city building features, an extensive PVE campaign and various PVP elements, the game is a feature packed strategy MMO.


- Summon and level up dozens of heroes and gods
- Tactical turn-based battles
- Build up your own City to acquire resources
- PVE Story-driven Campaign
- PVP Dominion territory battles
- Browser gameplay
- Free to play


Elysian War is primarily a strategy based RPG, players must build up a city and then field an army of Generals from the Greek pantheon and battle against players and AI opponents. The combat is a turn based hexagon-grid system that focuses on positioning and tactical thinking to overcome your enemies. The game employs a premium Diamond currency system where players spend cash to Recharge and gain Diamonds, as well as increase their VIP level to grant additional benefits for their account. Using different stamina/energy type systems players are limited to their activities, or only have a set number of attempts at particular events and challenges, but can refresh these with Diamonds.


Through the Summoning portal players can summon the various Generals who will lead their forces in battle. Players can Summon Generals through three summoning types: Primary (uses in-game currency), Superior (uses special items), Elite (uses Diamonds). The type of summoning determines the chance of success at summoning a rarer General, the General that is summoned is completely random and their rarity/power ranges from Seasoned, Fierce, Legendary and Supreme.

Every General has a unit type that they control as well as unique abilities and their own stats that separate them from other Generals. Players can use various items and resources to increase a General’s statistics, as well as improve their abilities and acquire new ones. A General can only increase its level as high as the player’s main hero/account level.


With Generals summoned and levelled up players can then jump into combat through various systems, whether PVP or PVE. Combat occurs on a hexagon-based battlemap, broken up into dozens of different tiles, players field their units and then battle against enemy opponents. Each General commands a group of units and moves with them on the battlefield, each turn the player can move all their units around the map and make attacks on the enemy units.

Attacks come in different forms, typically determined by the unit type but also the abilities of the General. Cavalry, for instance, can perform a Charge attack which charges in a line through multiple hexagons and deals damage to all enemies occupying them. The priests are able to summons fire and sandstorms upon an area dealing heavy amount of damage to their opponents. Each attack has a range and takes a particular shape, so players must position their units wisely and attack their opponents when they are grouped up as these special abilities consume a General’s energy.

In the Campaign mode players battle through a number of stages that are advanced with a story-arc and specific objectives in each battle that a player must complete. Other combat systems, such as Dominion, allow players to battle across a hexagon-based region map fighting each other for territory and control of resources.


Each player has control of their own city and is responsible for constructing new buildings and upgrading them. Buildings can produce useable resources over time, such as Dwellings produce Drachmas currency which is spent in the Market, whereas Barracks train Troops which are a resource consumed in each battle; without Troops players cannot fight. Other buildings grant access to new features, with the Market allowing players to buy various items such as ambrosia needed to upgrade Generals. A building can be upgraded only as high as the Cities’ primary “Base” building, which must constantly be improved, but costs a lot of resources and takes a long time.


Web Browser


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