Eclipse War Online

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
DEVELOPER: Playwith Interactive


Eclipse War Online is a free to play MMORPG of two factions at war in a fantasy world where powerful heroes are able to transform into various creatures, characters and monsters in the endless PVP battles.


-          Unique fantasy setting
-          Two factions to choose from
-          Four playable classes: Warrior, Magic Stormer, Battle Priest and Hunter
-          Transform into a variety of beasts and monsters with powerful transformation cards
-          News transformations strategically depending on location, time of day and mission objectives
-          completely free to play


The world of Karis stands in ruins, the after-effects from the Shadow War and the Kaligo and Rumen races were both left weak and struggling to survive with their power diminished. Humans, Bloodmoons and Drains now battle each other over control of the land, each staking their claim is the true ruler and Malignant Spirits have once again returned casting its dark shadow.

The Rumen and Kaligo are now both in search of a prophecy, each seeking it for their own purpose, to races that were once part of the same holy light have been divided by the Shadow Steal magic and now their conflict has reignited.


There are two key races on the world of Karis that now stand against each other in battle:

Rumen - the first race born from the Holy Magic of Nova that fought against the Malignant Spirits and the Drain to drive them from the world. Destined to rule they are commanded by their leader Lonis who rallies his elite scouts to find the prophecy.

Kaligo - once part of the Rumen, they mutated into their current forms when they used forbidden dark Shadow Steal magic to help push back the Drain during the Day of Promise. Driven from their families and leaving their homes behind, they fight to protect what they once loved with their fearless leader, Patroe, guiding them.


There are four available classes to play as:

Warrior - a sword wielding physical damage dealer with high defences abilities but lacking in magic and intelligence.

Magic Stormer - powerful magic wielders able to overwhelm their opponents in close quarters combat using magical curses and high damage attacks.

Battle Priest - these healers are able to provide both themselves and their allies magical healing effects as well as using ranged attacks to fight off enemies.

Hunter - using advanced hand cannons they can deal range of physical damage to their enemies from afar using accurate single target high damage attacks.

Players will be able to customise their classes with different builds to create a unique playing experience for themselves.


Players are able to transform into various creatures, beasts of the monsters with powerful Transformation Cards, completely changing their look, abilities and their role. These cards have a chance of dropping from every creature in the world with over 700 to try and collect creating a huge level of strategy and tactics to both PVE and PVP combat.

Each species will gain different benefits and penalties depending on the terrain and land that they are currently in, as well as increasing their effectiveness depending on whether it is night or day. The target of your mission will greatly determine what transformation is most optimal for use in specific situations.


Players are able to engage in full PVP combat with an all-out war between the two warring races. Players can fight each other in open world combat, setting up ambushes, raids and counter-attacks on their enemy or fight in instanced based battle arenas to orchestrate team based matches for fun and competitive gameplay.

Within the game there is also an available AOS style 3 lane PvP mode where players must fight through minions and towers to defeat their enemy!


Currently Unreleased



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  1. Elizabeth April 7, 2014 at 3:44 AM -

    I just wish they would add more character customization.

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