Dungeons and Dragons online

Genre: Free to play MMORPG
Developer: Turbine
Platform: Windows


set in the world of Eberron, a well-known campaign is setting in the Dungeons & Dragons franchise players embark on a mystical adventure where they shall face off against dangerous monsters and discover hidden troves of treasure.

D&D Online Shop

within the game plays can access a vendor and spend hard earned points or, if they desire, real-world currency to buy items, buffs, character slots, potions, hirelings, unique cosmetic items and even premium content modules. However, the best items are still only available through playing the game and the shop focuses more on being an enhancement of players gaming experience and avoids creating balancing issues.

Action Packed Combat

with tactical, strategic battles that utilises the combination of features such as real-time combat and collision mechanics, this active combat system is truly unique to the MMO collar giving players more control over their attacks and adding a whole new element to battle.

Playable Races

 Humans - the most common of all the races the Humans are well rounded and can fill a number of different roles

Drow - often living under the surface this Elven sub race often have higher intelligence and charisma

Warforged - living constructed made of metal and wood, the war for have a higher endurance and tolerance that would often hinder their fleshy counterparts

Dwarf - with a natural resistance to most magic the Dwarf folk are sturdy and tough people

Elves - nimble and agile, the Elves utilise their dexterity by ensuring an enemy’s blows are quickly dodged as they are in some ways physically weaker than other races

Halfling - what they lack in size Halfling makes up incapability, graceful and swift they are quick to spot an opponent’s weaknesses and move in with a quick strike

 Playable Classes

 There are 11 different classes that players can choose from:

Barbarian - one of the more powerful physical damage dealers, Barbarians abilities increase as they take and deal damage

Bard - utilising song and music and weaving them to cast spells, they are well equipped with many different skills

 Cleric - using the power of their chosen deity the cleric casts down holy radiant fire, a strong spellcaster who can use armour without any penalty

Favoured Soul - similar to the cleric and using divine power, the Favoured Soul is a much more efficient spellcaster

Fighter – a melee combatant the fighter has extra feats available to them to further focus their specialisation

Monk - using their Ki power source, the monk often fights with their bare hands and without armour though is still a fearsome opponent in battle

Paladin - a well-balanced melee combat and who trades off some of their physical power to make them a proficient spellcaster as well

Ranger - a combination of dual wielding melee class and long ranged Archer, the range it is deadly at both close range and from a distance

Rogue - as well as being sly and agile combatants, the Rogue can find hidden doors and unlock them as well as noticing traps and disarming them.

Sorcerer - focused solely on casting the sorcerer can deal devastating magical attacks unrivalled in their power

Wizard - using a number of spells and cantrips the wizard is handy in almost every situation and always has a useful spell up their sleeve

 System Requirements

CPU: Pentium 4 1.6GHz or an AMD equivalent
Operating System: Windows XP / Vista
Hard Drive Space: 3 GB (Standard) or 5GB (High-Def)
RAM: 512 MB
Graphics Card: Radeon 7600 64 MB  or GeForce FX 5200



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